Bring Your Top Leadership Qualities to Your Appearance

With my help, your personal style and appearance demonstrates your natural strengths and abilities to the world.

Are you a successful individual? If so, I bet you’ve got a great story to tell!  It’s true that when you tell your story visually, without saying a word, your appearance enhances people’s perceptions of you.  So, this helps you to stand in better service to others in your professional and social roles.  Your personality, strengths, and goals shape people’s perceptions of you. Did you know that?  These components comprise your “personal brand.”

Most personal branding experts believe that your reputation is your brand. In theory, I agree. But, the story is not complete because you have the ability to frame or re-frame the way people perceive you.

You achieve this by connecting your personality strengths, goals, and physical characteristics into a cohesive personal style.  The result can lead you to become far more impactful, effective, and being your best.  When you show up at your best, you bring your “A-Game.”  This creates a pathway for maximizing your strengths in your work and personal relationships.

Like most successful individuals who hire me, managing your personal brand and style in the Silicon Valley culture is daunting.  It can also be confusing.  As a high achiever, it’s natural to wonder if you’re conveying the right story and messages.

The casualness of your work and social cultures may change at a glacial pace.  To overcome this, you have to rise above prevailing blasé attitudes of leaving everything to chance. When you do, people will see you as a leading edge individual.  Helpful and guided self-discovery can lead you to experience the full power of your personal brand and style.  Are you ready to step into and enjoy the spotlight?

You can exude your personal brand and style as much as you are willing to put it out there.

I’m Joseph Rosenfeld, an expert personal brand and style strategist. For 28 years I’ve been helping successful individuals exude their personal brands with style.  I work with men and women in various professions – especially high tech – and have a solid record of success.  It can work for you as well.

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