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Make transformational and visible changes to your personal brand. Have greater professional and social presence.

Are you a successful individual who needs to power up your personal brand and style so the way you appear and are perceived helps you stand in better service to your team?  You may be not be conscious of how your personal brand and style impact your effectiveness, and are in need of direction to help you be at your best.  Perhaps you are at the top of your game, but sense your personal brand and style could be stronger. Working with an expert personal brand and style strategist may be the right solution for you.

Like most successful Silicon Valley individuals, managing your personal brand and style in this culture can be daunting and confusing, leaving you to wonder if you’re conveying the right visual messages.

The casualness of your work and social cultures may change at a glacial pace.  But to be seen as a leading edge individual, you have to rise above that blasé attitude of leaving everything to chance. You may need the self-discovery and mentoring to experience the full power of your personal brand and style.  Are you ready to step into and enjoy the spotlight?

You can exude your personal brand and style as much as you are willing to put it out there.

I’m Joseph Rosenfeld, an expert personal brand and style strategist, and I’ve been helping successful individuals exude their personal brands with style since 1989.  I work with men and women in various professions – especially high tech – and have a solid record of success.  It can work for you as well.

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