About Joseph Rosenfeld | Personal Brand and Style Strategist

“I never outgrew the desire to sell people on how they could be their absolute and authentic best selves.” ~Joseph

Known as the trusted personal brand and style strategist for high-profile Silicon Valley individuals, I use my depth of knowledge in personal branding and style to help clients securely align their inner traits and outer qualities. My clients care about how they are perceived and are stimulated by style.

With over 25 years’ experience, my clients benefit from a simplified, yet sophisticated, system of creating a personal brand and style suited to their personalities, goals, colorings, styles, and bodies.

Clients say they most value my intuitive understanding and ability to tell the truth in a non-threatening, often fun manner. With a genuine commitment to discovering what will best serve a client in shaping their personal evolution or transformation, I develop lasting relationships that always lead to positive results.

Improving the lives of others, with sensitivity, stems from a personal journey in growing from an insecure, bullied youth to an adult who is confident in my individuality. A former style columnist for Metro Silicon Valley, I reveal in my discerning blog how attaining happiness through fine-tuning one’s brand and style can’t be only about putting on a pretty façade. Caring for our bodies and spirits with integrity are also essential to self-esteem. I also enjoy speaking to audiences about authentic personal brand and style development.

It’s a thrill every time clients say something funny and amazing about what they’re experiencing. For instance:

One client recently said, while I was organizing her closet and making sense of her vast wardrobe, that she was going to have to “go outside for a minute and let the air out of your tires, Joseph!” She was enjoying this transformational experience so much that she absolutely did not want it to end.

Another client recently told me that I “unleashed the beast.” What he meant was that far beyond his strong desire to successfully project his authentic personal brand, he now realizes how much he likes – and has an appreciation for – fashion, and for great style and design. How can you beat that?

A long-time client reminded me of how much time I save her and her husband, while also giving each of them the opportunity to think more deeply about the “people we want to become.” When very successful individuals continue to desire to be challenged to excel, what could be better?

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