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Clothing Helps You to Exude Your Brand

Even after writing hundreds of these blog posts, I’ve probably never so clearly written how clothing helps you to exude your brand.  I mean to say that, unreservedly, I share ideas about this all the time.  But, this post, I want to be explicit because it works.

The word exude is crucial to this explanation and was intentionally chosen.  To exude is to show a particular quality clearly.  The way people perceive you depends upon how you demonstrate that your personality qualities align with what you are saying.  If the way you come across is not in sync with the words that come out of your mouth, you may not be believed.  You may be easily dismissed.  This may contribute to the undervaluation of your contributions and worth.

There’s a phrase that “the eyes don’t lie.”  As you observe someone, you tend to think that what you are seeing in someone is correct.  I’d agree with you if you feel this way.  I always say to people that when someone shows you who they are, believe them.  Even if your sense is negative, there must be a reason.  For example, if you observe someone to be untidy, or not polished, or disheveled, chances are this person is as unfocused as she or he appears to you.  This is why clothing helps you to exude your brand.

Clothing helps you to exude your brand because you can use every piece of well-chosen clothing as tools to help you convey your special messages.  Clothing telegraphs important symbolism of colors, silhouettes, shapes, patterns, fabric materials, and other fascinating nuances.  When you know the symbolism of your clothing, you can wear intentionally chosen outfits that will help you to be on point.

It would take a book to explain the symbolic properties of clothing and accessories.  And, even with such a book, everyone wants to have the answer that is customized to fit who they are.

From infancy, humans are connected to the colors yellow and blue.  They are among the first colors that newborns can see.  Toys, and other objects that newborns are meant to interact with, are often colored blue and yellow.  Red comes next, at a few months of age.  Then, as intelligence begins to develop, there are visual and psychological associations for all colors.

As adults, we have a lifetime of conditioning where we intrinsically know the power of color, even if we are unable to articulate it clearly.  There are colors we adore, others that we abhor.  Where does this conditioning come from?  This is part of what we unearth as it pertains to your personal brand and style development.

The other clothing elements are much more nuanced.  Why would you want to wear rounded motifs versus wearing sharp angles and straight lines? Can you wear a coarse fabric and not come across as being coarse?  If you are an out of the box thinker, can you still wear plaid?  There are countless clothing questions like these that come up as we discover your personal style.  Yet, the symbolism of the clothing helps you to exude your brand with clarity and certainty.

Those who have taken the leap of faith to become a client would be the first to share how clothing helps you to exude your brand.  They have learned first hand, and in totally customized ways, how this works.  Most of all, they have reaped the rewards and results of our work.  You can, too.  For such a personalized experience, I cordially invite you to consider working with me to develop your personal brand and style.

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