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Create A Dreamy Wardrobe

Perhaps you can get some inspiration from Dalida to create a dreamy wardrobe. I walked out of the exhibit feeling sorry for the way her life tragically ended, but so curious about all that came before — and that music of hers! The clothes really say it all: What a life!

Another standout experience I had while in Paris a couple of weeks back was seeing a fashion exhibit about Dalida. Walking through the exhibit gave deeper insights into how a person might create a dreamy wardrobe. To be totally honest, I really didn’t know who Dalida was. Upon entering the Musée Palais Galliera and paying my entrance fee, the agent sounded nearly apologetic. “Monsieur, la seule exposition est maintenant de Dalida [Sir, the only exhibit now is of Dalida].”

If the Palais Galliera mounts an exhibition, it’s sure to be excellent. So, despite the agent’s tentative welcome, I presented the ticket-taker with my receipt and marched right in. And then I stopped dead in my tracks and my jaw dropped. Further along, I became more interested in Dalida, the woman who inhabited these fabulous clothes that create a dreamy wardrobe.

When you attempt to create a dreamy wardrobe, you really have to think of everything: your physicality, your activities, and deeply know who you are – even in a finite moment. Dalida’s life surely shifted a lot. But, when you see the clothes as a representation of her life, you can see that under the clothes, was a woman who knew her purpose.

Like all of us, Dalida’s life was certainly a journey. Born to Italian parents in Egypt, she was an actress and singer whose life really took off in France. First, though, in 1954 and at age 20, Dalida won the beauty pageant crown of Miss Egypt. Eventually, she held dual Italian and French citizenship. Though she was a well-known actress, her singing career made her a household name throughout Europe and the Middle East. Her career spanned thirty years and she sold more than 170 million records worldwide. Pretty impressive stuff!

Sadly, Dalida’s suffered many personal setbacks, including two suicide attempts, the second one resulting in her death.

The exhibition is a celebration of Dalida’s life, both the private and public parts. There were clothes that she collected and wore quietly around town, and others that she boldly wore on stage. As Dalida matured, she wanted to create a dreamy wardrobe that enmeshed both the private and public personas.  Walking through the exhibit, you can see how her eye for style always existed, and how it evolved.

Dalida on the silver screen, with still more examples of her personal style in the foreground. If you create a dreamy wardrobe, it may never see the light of day in a museum. But, it will surely work on the stage also known as your real life.

It’s truly impressive that someone had the foresight to collect and store all of these personal effects. It’s rather unusual, and equally as eye-opening to see these clothes offered to and shown at a museum. As Dalida’s wardrobe evolves, we observe the advances of her career from that of a chanson to a Eurodisco diva. In my opinion, she predated and originated the concept of remaking her image, well before Madonna.

I got a lot of inspiration by seeing Dalida’s clothes. It got me thinking about how I help each client to create a dreamy wardrobe. Some of my common-sense principles are the same as those used by Dalida.

Wear what speaks to your spirit, and strengths.

Wear what highlights your physical and emotional assets.
Collect clothes that tell a more cohesive story about who you are day in and day out.

Collect clothes with intention and without randomness.

Study who you are and apply what you learn and know to your wardrobe choices.

Talk about dreamy! Dalida was concerned with how she would look on American-styled TV shows when she would sing. I doubt that she had anything to worry about. Move over Cher and Madonna!

Study clothes and select items that match your character with quality.

Consider where your life’s direction and collect clothes that will take you there.

Consider current fashion and how it serves a core sense of you versus a trend.

Stand for individuality and don’t be afraid to make a proud statement of self.

Stand for the story of your life, and be fearless to emanate your wisdom through your style.

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