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Moving His Future Vision into the Present

Over the weekend, a young professional on the fast track traveled across the country to work with me on his personal brand and style development.  I told him that we were going to spend our quality time together moving his future vision into the present.  Doesn’t this sound totally exciting?  Well, let me tell you that excitement was only the starting point for him because he arrived pumped for the experience.

We were working on his personal color and style profiles in the first hours we were together, during which time there was an awful lot of story sharing going on.  As his trust grew deeper, I could sense how he was opening up more to me and sharing more of his personal insights, worries, concerns, and hopes.  Before the shopping expedition began, we enjoyed lunch together, during which time he said one of the most revealing things to me.  He noted how clearly happy he could see I am in my work, and wanted to underscore how lucky he thinks I am to be in that position.  So, I had to ask him what would it take for him to be so happy.  He said, “ I want more responsibility.” 

I was absolutely floored.  In this crystalline moment, I knew that we would be moving his future vision into the present.  Yes, I would be clothing him.  But it wasn’t a futile exercise to prevent workplace nakedness.  This was brand and style development of the highest order.  He wasn’t talking about money.  He was talking about happiness and fulfillment.

Now, none of us has a crystal ball, and can’t truly predict when his next promotion will come.  Within the last year, he already received a promotion.  Plus, he confessed, he did not think he was qualified for the first role he was hired for, but because he showed up looking great, he landed the job.  So, he already knew that the power of his personal presentation would continue to be important to his future growth and development.

I knew that he is about to embark on a two-week business trip abroad, and that the key higher-ups at his firm would be in attendance during this timeframe.  I absolutely want him to capitalize on the captive audience that his higher-ups will be in his presence.  So I made some very deliberate clothing and color style choices for him that help to position him as the person in the room to pay attention to because all of his clothing conveys a tone and a message of “responsibility.”

The point is to help him dress to personify the goal that he seeks to achieve.  In moving his future vision into the present, I am telling him that a tree that is not fully mature and old is still a tree nonetheless.  The future that we envision for ourselves exists outside of ourselves because it exists within ourselves in the first place.  This creates purpose, focus, and intention.

A poetic verse written by my favorite poet, Erica Jong, says “…the future and the past are all one, and that the moment now is all we ever have…”

Moving his future vision into the present is crucial to his goals.  This forthcoming trip is a very special opportunity for him to make the best possible impression on people who wield strong influence in his future.  Still, make no mistake.  He is in control of his own messages, and he is definitely going to send out the vibe that he is ready for the next level.  I can’t wait to find out how it all comes together for him.

I did encourage him to be patient.  But, I can’t help but have this super strong feeling that his transformation into the next role commences with this campaign.  He will show his readiness for the future today and every day until he gets that higher level of responsibility.  And when that happens, he will set his sights on a new goal, moving his future vision into the present all over again.

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