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Style Reveals Your True Story

This is my last blog post for the year.  But, before I go off on holiday, and to finish writing my book, I want to leave you with this thought.  Style reveals your true story.  Yes, I put lots of focus into this topic, and for good reason.  It’s the absolute truth.

Just today, an old friend from back in high school had a 45-minute call.  We follow one another on Facebook and keep up with what the other is doing.  But, we hadn’t had a conversation in some decades [yikes!].  What brought this phone meeting into being was that he had read a recent article profiling my business.  He found it so interesting that he wanted to find out more.

And, find out he did.  I shared with him several client stories illustrating how style reveals your true story.  Style has certainly impacted the three clients whose stories I shared.  He found the stories compelling.  Yet, he did not find that any of their stories reflected his own.  Since I know that style is highly personal, his reaction came as no surprise.  What makes an individual choose to take the initiative to delve into developing her or his style is personal.  Quite simply, he – or you – would need to surrender to the process, and to the experience, to uncover the deeper benefits.

The book I am writing will divulge a lot of insight into why and how style reveals your true story.

It’s a book in two parts.  The first part tells my personal story as it pertains to how hypothesizing that transforming my style would transform me.  It’s been a very emotional and cathartic journey to put the whole story down into words on paper.  The personal story transitions into the second part of the book, in which you will read all about how style reveals your true story.

In a fit of pure teenage desperation, I developed the notion that style could give me a second lease on life.  This gave birth to this amazing career and life.  Today, I stand in the service of a truly special cadre of clients whose lives have all transformed on some level.  And, there’s no trace of teenage desperation among any of us.

The book, and my life, would be nothing without a true story.  Moreover, had I not intuitively and perceptively discovered the power of personal style, there’d be no story.

Back to my old friend for a moment, and the conversation we had today.  He made mention about how Mark Zuckerberg dresses in a way that would suggest that he doesn’t care – and that he doesn’t have to care – about his personal style.  But, I wholeheartedly disagree.  How he once dressed – and how he now continues to choose to dress – is full of intention.  You might not think so. But, there’s nothing random about his style choices.

Most of us who would show up to work in jeans and gray T-shirts and hoodies would do so out of thoughtlessness.  Guess what? That thoughtlessness around your style reveals your true story.  Do you want others to think of you as thoughtless because you dress that way?  I sure hope not!

This is why I do what I do to help people just like you.  Some 32 years ago as a teenager, I intuited style as, potentially, the most powerful, and intentional transformational tool.  It could help me make the most of myself, to see my gifts, to maximize my potential.  Style reveals my true story. So, as the story continues, my style will continue to reflect that direction.

You don’t need to have had the harrowing childhood that I did to have unprecedented growth by developing your personal style.  But, you do have a story to tell.  Now that 2016 is ending, your successes and challenges are manifesting.  It’s a perfect time to reflect and consider how your style reveals your true story.  Could you be in a different or better place if you had put more focus on your personal development?

It’s worth considering, as tomorrow is another day.  And, tomorrow offers a fresh opportunity to challenge yourself to rise up and to become the very best version of yourself.  You deserve it.

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