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Time to Improve Your Style

While visiting with longtime girlfriends, I got this idea to write about knowing when it’s time to improve your style.  It wasn’t that I was judging that any of them necessarily needed to improve their style.  But, the things we talked about – childhood memories, how everyone’s connected, family life, and careers – got me thinking.

Of note are the similarities.  We’re all the same age.  My friends all live in the same town, the same town in which I grew up.  Their children all go, or have graduated from the same high school I did, along with two of the friends.  Plus, we’re all Jewish and grew up very similarly.

And yet, many circumstances differentiate us.  I’m the gay guy with no kids.  Then, one of the friends is divorced.  The other two are in long and successful marriages.  One of the friends already has two girls in college, with another still in high school.  Another friend has a daughter graduating high school now, with her younger son in high school. And, the third friend is sending her triplet boys off to three colleges this fall.

I listened to the stories about their lives, interested in learning about who they are today.  It strikes me how, even as some things remain the same, life continues to be full of change.  Since we were talking about hair, and clothes to a lesser degree, I quietly began to draw this connection to the question at hand: When do you know that it is time to improve your style?

I shared with my girlfriends that evolving into empty nesters is one of those crucial times of redefinition in life.  Life as a stay-at-home mother, or as a career professional and parent of children living at home, is about to change, big time.  It happens to be a time when women and men reach for help to re-create or update their identity.  They realize and feel the upcoming shift and want to ride the wave instead of the undertow sweeping them up.  This can be an ideal time to improve your style, and prepares you for the life you’re about to have.

My friends are facing exciting and active times.  Can you relate to this?  For sure, you don’t need to be a woman, or even a mother.  Change comes in different waves for all of us.  Admittedly, some of it is very challenging.  Divorce, loss of a loved one, and even moving, are tumultuous times that force us to redefine who we are.  Who are we once big life changing events take place?  And, who are we without that person who was in our lives for a long time?  Who are we in a new space that isn’t like our former space?

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time at all, you know that I am all about embracing change.  I have always seen change as an ideal time to improve your style.  I have always used improving my style as a catalyst for change.  Plus, I find that it is a way of steering into the direction that you’d like life to take.

Just because I’m a personal style expert is not enough reason to maintain a strong sense of style.  Change is always happening to me.  As much as people will say that I have a great sense of style, I never feel complete.  There are more fun challenges, and even trying times, to deal with, as they happen.  So, my high school theory still proves to be true today.  It may always be a good time to improve your style.  Improving your style isn’t always just for aesthetic purposes.  When you embrace your style, your whole life improves.

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