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Today Marks the Oldest We’ve Ever Lived to Be

This sounds just awful in a way, doesn’t it? The thing is, I don’t mean it that way at all. It’s a victory.  I began to feel this way when I outlived my dad, who passed away in his early 40’s.  It was a humbling day.  It was also totally exciting, because up until that moment of realization, I had lived all the other days in fear.  So, let’s say this again, and with happy emphasis:  Today marks the oldest we’ve ever lived to be.

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?  Gosh, I hope not.

I love to talk privately with clients about how today marks the oldest we’ve ever lived to be. It’s a wake-up statement. It’s healthy to have an awakening. We are just not the same people we once were.  As time marches on, so, too, do we in the very being of ourselves.  We have more experience, more knowledge, more sense, more feeling, more reasoning, more intuition, more, more, and more.

Some time ago, when I was trying to write another version of the book that I hope to finish soon, I got some sage advice.  He said, “Joseph, those things that you wrote five years ago are no longer as relevant to who you are today. Would you give the same exact advice today as you did then?” The answer was a flat-out hell no.  The foundational basis was solid. But, over time, I built on that, refined it, and deliver a stronger, if more cohesive, message today than back then.

It strikes me that the same is absolutely true about our personal style.  If today marks the oldest we’ve ever lived to be, we do so many of us refuse to acknowledge this in our modes of dress?  Are we just too forgetful?  Do we think it just doesn’t matter?  Do we think that if we look like we used to when we were younger that we will not age somehow?

The benefit of knowing that today marks the oldest we’ve ever lived to be is an opportunity to recognize our growth.  It allows us to celebrate who we are in this very moment.  It’s an opportunity to maximize what this day brings.  We can create a strong message about who we want to be today, how much we want to make a positive contribution to the world, even in small ways with those nearest and closest to us.

My personal style and messages have evolved, and have even dramatically transformed.  This is a direct outcome of realizing that today marks the oldest we’ve ever lived to be.  It’s not like you wake up today with this realization.  But, once in a while you might find that you check-in with yourself and realize that who you are is just not the same as you were at various times in the past.

My hope is that reading my remarks does more than make you realize that you’re the oldest you’ve ever lived to be.  I hope that you celebrate the point at which you find yourself today.  Embrace who you are in this very moment.  Consider the impression that you make to yourself upon reflection of your growth.  Be a little critical, but with loving kindness toward yourself.  You’ve moved forward in life. But, do you sometimes feel like you look stuck or trapped in a time warp?

The amazing thing about personal style is that it can be the most amazing catalyst toward getting you unstuck.  Having used the power of personal style to my best advantage since my teenage years, I am living proof that this can provide transformation.  So, it’s a big deal that today marks the oldest we’ve ever lived to be.  Let’s celebrate our good fortune for being alive and with the ability to live our very best lives.  Good style is part of an equation that yields living our very best lives.

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