Boost Confidence through

Proven Image-Making

Joseph Rosenfeld | Image Consultant

Your inner talents and mindset shape your identity as your appearance projects it.

Harmonizing these elements leads to increased confidence and credibility.

Cultivate Your Brand to Project Your Identity:

Let’s reassess your self-image to boost inner confidence. This inner focus prepares you to project an even more powerful image.

Then, align your inner qualities and appearance to boost trust and credibility. Your appearance is how others gauge your unique qualities.

Altogether, this boosts your gravitas, amplifies your personal brand, and positions you as a confident leader ready to achieve more.

Are you prepared to seize new opportunities and become the leader you’re meant to be? Let’s make it happen.

Image Consulting Solutions

personal brand development
color and style profile
wardrobe development

What My Image Consulting Clients Are Saying

Joseph is extremely talented and intuitive. His color insights are amazing, and his enthusiasm for his area of expertise is infectious. He is a soulful star!

Executive Vice President, New York City, NY

Joseph is extraordinarily client-focused and has an eagle eye for detail. He helped me assemble, seamlessly and flawlessly, a capsule of new clothing…with varied looks though each consistent with my color and style needs. He aligns client aspirations with appropriate dress.

President, New York City, NY

Working with Joseph Rosenfeld is a highlight of my life… Joseph’s in-depth process…has taken me through a journey of self-discovery and integration to express myself from the inside out. …he cares for me like a dear friend, while supporting me like a top coach.

Tech Biz Dev Executive, Silicon Valley, CA

I should have been working with Joseph years ago…but as a physician with a very active social life, I finally realized his services were way overdue. Joseph was not only incredibly knowledgeable and creative but also supportive, encouraging and patient – a complete pleasure…

Physician, Los Altos, CA


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