An Inside Look into How High Tech Leaders Find Even Greater Success

You’re not alone if you feel like a Silicon Valley high tech outsider, even though your education, experience, and credentials are stellar. For all the good that the region has to offer, it still harbors ageism, sexism, and other biases.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your age, gender, and overall appearance as assets that highlight your strengths, values, talents and gifts?

6 Secrets to Success in Silicon Valley offers solutions, with examples to back them up.

This white paper endeavors to unlock solutions and strategies for developing a unique personal style in a high tech world. So, step behind the velvet rope and discover how to amplify your personal style, strengths, values, talents and gifts. Your interest in this report suggests that you share important traits with my esteemed clientele. For instance, the status quo is not where you intend to land, regardless of your success and achievements.

High tech leaders and innovators who work with me challenge themselves to live up to their potential. And, they attain even more success while turning ideas into innovations that change the world. In essence, they look like the leaders and innovators that they are.

Read real life examples of how people just like you use their personal style in Silicon Valley as a tool for effective communication. As you come away with ideas to command your personal style, consider exploring what colors and styles best personify you. Personal style is not such an innate gift that everyone is imbued with. For most people, it must be studied. And it’s not about what you admire about others. It’s solely about you and your personality, goals, strengths, tastes, lifestyle, work style, and other factors.​

6 Secrets to High Tech Executive Style Success in Silicon Valley

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