After working with several personal shopping “hacks” without much success or fanfare, a kind contact at Nordstrom recommended I try working with Joseph Rosenfeld and introduced me. I was a little apprehensive at first, having tried using so many ‘amateur shoppers’ but after we met, Joseph and I clicked instantly! Starting with our first meeting, it was clear to me that I was about to embark on a truly transformative style journey and I was ready and willing to embrace that change.

One of the main things I hoped to achieve in working with a personal brand strategist was to gain confidence. Most of my life I was not happy with my style, appearance, or the overall impression I was sending to the universe but working with Joseph has changed all of that for the better. I can honestly say I have never felt more confident, or more beautiful in my entire life and I cannot imagine my life without Joseph continuing to be a part of it. I often joke he would have to enter a ‘witness protection’ program to get away from me, but he has seriously made that big of an impact to my overall well being.

After going through my initial 6-month program with Joseph, I put so much ‘behind’ me and am now the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Even when I’m having an ‘off’ day I’m still a ‘show-stopper’. I now normally feel so fabulous because I know when I walk out my door I will get lots of compliments and attract so much positive attention around my looks it’s an indescribably good feeling.

JenniceCayne - COLOR PALETTEThere were many facets to the work Joseph and I did and one of the most impactful was working through my personal color profile. Joseph is a ‘color savant’ and designed an incredible palette for me that extended from my clothing, to makeup colors, and my hair color. I even apply my color palette when selecting my manicure colors, and Joseph was with me through each step of my transformation – including coming along with me to the salon making sure that my cut and color were absolutely perfect.

We spent time ‘cleaning out my closet’ so now what used to be a dark place I hated to go, is a source of inspiration and comfort to me. I know that every item in my wardrobe works toward making me look and feel my best. He even helped set up a ‘lookbook’ for my closet with a photo reference guide of outfits I keep on my iPhone so I never run out of fantastic ideas.

As a former sales representative, I know the importance of ‘getting to know your customers’ and in this regard Joseph far exceeds any expectations. He takes his time, listens, makes you feel at ease, and in the end truly understands your personal goals and what you are hoping to achieve. He is equal parts style strategist, therapist, and confidante.

Joseph is truly an angel, he is easy to work with and has the highest level of integrity, kindness, and compassion. He’s turned me into a superwoman and I now have no problems acting in accordance with how good I look each and every day. I continue to keep him closely involved in my style and purchase decisions now and in the future.