Personal Stylist & Fashion Consultant

Joseph Rosenfeld has been refining unique executive and personal style strategies since 2001 in Chicago, Dallas, and Silicon Valley. He founded his Fashion and Personal Style Strategist firm in 2001 focusing on implementing fashion stylist strategies through consultations and coaching nationally. In 2018, he expanded his firm to New York City. Over the last 30 years, Rosenfeld has become known as a trusted personal style strategist and image consultant. Clients benefit from his in-depth knowledge of style psychology. As a result, this enables them to stand in their full power and raise their profiles. As a personal stylist, Rosenfeld has developed a simplified, yet sophisticated, style strategy. A variety of unique individuals, high-profile, CEO, C–Suite Executives and A–lister clients have achieved life goals. Rosenfeld uses the power of clothing to translate his clients’ personalities and strengths. For this reason, clients show up in the world as the very best versions of themselves.

I never outgrew the desire to show people how they could be their absolute and authentic best selves.


Being An Image Consultant Is Joseph’s Calling

Rosenfeld’s clients say they most value his intuition and understanding of who they are and how they are perceived. They also appreciate his ability to tell them the truth in a non-threatening, fun manner. Rosenfeld states, “I develop lasting relationships with clients that always lead to positive results. I approach my clients with a genuine commitment to discover what will best shape their personal evolution. For some clients, our work even leads to a deeper transformation.” Improving the lives of others, with sensitivity, stems from Rosenfeld’s deeply personal journey, which plays a major role in the way he approaches each client. Rosenfeld continues, “Nothing could be better than working with very successful individuals who constantly strive to grow and become more successful.”

Rosenfeld regularly blogs about how attaining happiness through fine-tuning one’s personal style takes more than putting on a pretty facade, click here for more Insights . Caring for our bodies and spirit with integrity are essential to having a healthy self-esteem. Additionally, he enjoys speaking to audiences about creating unique personal style and style development.

It’s a thrill every time a client says something funny and amazing about what they’re experiencing.


Real Substance Leads to Real Style

Client Experiences With Joseph

One client cracked a funny line while he organized her closet, making sense of her vast wardrobe. She said she was going to “go outside for a minute and let the air out of your tires, Joseph!” She was enjoying this transformational experience so much that she absolutely did not want it to end.

Another client shared that Joseph “unleashed the beast,” taking him beyond his goal of successfully projecting his authentic personal brand. He now realizes how much he likes – and has an appreciation for – fashion, and for great style and design. How can you beat that?

A long-time client reminded me of how much time he saved her and her husband. She also shared something even more important about their work together. It gives them the opportunity to think more deeply about the “people we want to become.”

Joseph Rosenfeld | Style Guru

Called the ‘Style Savant’ by many of his clients, Chicago native Rosenfeld brings a myriad of experiences from distinguished high-end luxury fashion industry retailers such as Neiman Marcus & European-styled haberdasher Bigsby & Kruthers. Named one of the 40 under 40 by Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, Rosenfeld’s unique extensive styling skills show aspirational A-lister clients how to transform their appearance to the best advantage. Clients include notable pro-sports figures, newscasters, politicians, actors, Tech CEO’s & C-Suite executives.

“Style is more than the way you look,” states Rosenfeld “it’s about setting intentions for how we want to see ourselves before others do.” Standing out among a stylish, powerful and well-dressed crowd is important to leaders and aspirational people with high potential. Rosenfeld continues, “the secret sauce to others seeing your best self is being at ease with who you are and how you show up.”

After years of scouring clothing racks from San Francisco to New York, London, Paris and Milan, NYC became the obvious choice to expand the firm. With international expertise, Rosenfeld takes clients to where the action is. “New York is an especially exciting city to expand into because it is the home to hundreds of fashion-retail and design companies, and is the world’s largest retail market.”

Leaving nothing to chance, the Rosenfeld process balances practicality with precision and intuition utilizing world-class methodology to identify a client’s personal style, skills, and strengths. A deep-dive is taken into the analysis of a clients’ Color DNA essence with a ‘Personal Color Profile.’ Information is derived from physical and non-physical attributes, which gives a holistic understanding of the needs, goals and personal style of each client. Along with the unique ‘Personal Style Profile,’ the recognition of each client’s personal strengths are revealed–whether it’s for a new wardrobe, closet review or building a clothing capsule.

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