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Joseph sees people in great detail, inspiring them to live up their full potential, with empathy and honesty. His in-depth approach to building quality presence analyzes people’s strengths, gifts and reputation, creating a framework for understanding their it-factor. He looks for what others don’t notice about themselves in order to help them develop greater inner confidence. Joseph’s visionary and holistic approach aligns people’s personality and appearance. As a result, they easily express who they are through their appearance, and use their it-factor to create unique presence.

Joseph Sees People’s It-Factor to Create Unique Presence

With a deep desire to make a difference for people, Joseph’s clients benefit from his strengths. Blending strengths-based personal branding, image consulting and personal styling expertise offers clients Joseph’s fastidious attention to detail. Clients find in Joseph a loyal and reliable adviser who makes them look and be their best.  That is to say, he will support them no matter what. Even if they feel pushed by his process, they will very likely feel seen like never before. And they will probably appreciate his comedic timing, always wanting to keep interactions fun while delivering results.

Joseph deeply values his clients. In seeing them for who they truly are, he uses specific language to create an image for each client. He treats each client uniquely. The result is that they come away with more knowledge about themselves and the potential to be the best they can be. As coach, adviser, and biggest fan, Joseph supports their growth from the inside out, and the outside in.

Even after 30 years, my desire is to show people how to be their most authentic and absolute best selves. The world needs this more than ever.


Real Substance Leads to Real Style

Glimpses into Client Experiences with Joseph

One client cracked a funny line while he organized her closet, making sense of her vast wardrobe. She said she was going to “go outside for a minute and let the air out of your tires!” She was thoroughly enjoying this transformational experience and did not want it to end.

Another client shared that Joseph “unleashed the beast,” taking him beyond his goal of successfully projecting his authentic personal brand. He now realizes how much he likes – and has an appreciation for – fashion, and for great style and design.

A long-time client remarked that Joseph’s guidance gives them the opportunity to think more deeply about the “people we want to become.”

Joseph Rosenfeld | Image Consultant, Personal Branding, Style, and Executive Presence Adviser

Destined to become a “style savant,” as clients describe him, Joseph Rosenfeld has come a long way from humble beginnings. The accompanying photo is a glimpse into a personal journey of becoming comfortable in his own skin. You see, Joseph endured excessive bullying and abuse as a young boy. Adults of authority, particularly teachers, mischaracterized him. Over a period of formidable years, this created an identity crisis that he felt compelled to solve for himself.

So began a journey of self-discovery, untangling from all that happened, and defining who he was on his own terms. It turns out that Joseph became his first client, testing his theory that developing a style would be transformative. By developing his first personal style iteration in high school, he realized that his appearance could re-frame people’s perceptions of him. So, as he continued to grow into adulthood, his style evolved, and he saw this as a lifelong journey.

It’s a journey he was born to take, so he could heal and transform, and then take others on theirs. Style is more than the way you look,” Joseph says, “it’s about setting intentions for how we want to see ourselves before others do.” Standing out among a stylish, powerful and well-dressed crowd is important to leaders and those with high potential. The goal is projecting confidence. So, others see you at ease with who you are and how you show up. In the end, you know who you are, and so does everyone else around you.

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