Perception is the heart and soul of your personal brand. To make the most of people’s perceptions, be open to receive feedback and build your confident brand. It’s one thing to say that you know who you are. And you very well may. Yet even as a high functioning leader, you still have blind zones. Are you willing to have someone shed light on them? The reward for taking the risk is your ability to rise to new levels of success and fulfillment. Reaching new levels of your fullest potential is a lifelong journey worthy of taking.

A Great Method for Receiving Feedback

A great method for receiving feedback is a 360-style assessment. But, did you know that not all 360’s are the same? The tool that I use features an important benefit. Because it is not administered by your company, your compensation remains unaffected. This personal brand 360 assessment has the power to position you for greater success. This can lead to increasing your income, elevating your role, or cementing your legacy.

The 360 tool that I use invites your circle to assess your personal brand attributes the same way you would do it. This is a great method for receiving feedback because of who you can include in your circle. Input from ardent supporters, including your family, friends, and former colleagues is insightful. At work, people often see you from a single perspective. Your personal brand is more whole and complete with the insights of people who know you on a personal level.

Another reason the survey is a great method for receiving feedback is that it sheds light on your leadership qualities. You learn about your strengths and how people who care about you see your greatest weakness. Taking in these perceptions is critical to your personal and professional development. Also, people get to compare you to a breakfast cereal, a car, household appliance, or other fun ideas. Seeing how people experience you sets you up to build your confident brand.

Mining the Feedback for Gold

Once the survey closes, we can get into mining the feedback for gold. Analyzing the findings is something I love to do so you don’t have to. By the time we meet to review the feedback, I have made sense of it for a comprehensive review. The survey’s gold is where you and others share overlapping perceptions. You make the most of these attributes by focusing on these overlapping perceptions.

Often, others will provide strong feedback about you that you might not offer. This is also mining the feedback for gold. A top benefit of being open to receive feedback is that you build your confident brand by embracing your blind zones. Blind zones have nothing to do with ignorance. It’s about being too close to yourself to see more of your abilities. The reflections of your biggest supporters will help you build your confident brand.

What to Do with All That Gold

I’d offer up what to do with all that gold as a dare. First, I dare you to see yourself as others do. And I dare you to be intentional with how you move forward. To do that, a strategic plan of action will make a big difference so that you can build your confident brand. This type of strategy begins with a working positioning statement. Everything else you do hangs from this anchor point.

Even with all that gold, you are still the driver of your destiny. What if people have so much to say about you and it’s not altogether spot on? Your strategy can also include ways to show and communicate what you know is true about you. It’s possible that you could keep people from seeing your full capabilities. So, there’s even more gold available than meets the eye of the survey. The analysis and conversations we have about how you feel about the feedback tends to reveal even more strategic direction.

As you wonder what to do with all that gold from the survey, know that there’s even more available. The analysis, conversations, and digging even deeper will help build your confident brand. You could reposition yourself for career growth, or as a thought leader, or to leave a legacy. You could use this to launch or re-launch a business as an entrepreneur. And you could re-energize your personal growth. That’s a lot of gold, don’t you think?

Build Your Confident Brand

To build your confident brand, it takes more than taking on what others say about you. It’s a bit like putting on clothes that you own. It’s one thing to own the clothing that you put on to make an outfit. But, if you don’t own the look, you’re not giving off any intentional energy. The same goes for the personal brand discovery process.

By acting with intentionality, you’ll ‘wear’ your brand from the inside out. My point is that, to build your confident brand, it is crucial to take your attributes to heart. Ownership of self is where confidence develops further than were you are right now. You can overcome weaknesses when it makes sense, and give people a better and stronger sense of who you are.

Confidence, from my experience, develops by taking intentional and incremental steps. Focusing on your brand improves self-confidence, an enhanced reputation and a good name.

Take A Step to Build Your Confident Brand

Are you ready to be open to receive feedback and build your confident brand? This is not the kind of thing to work on alone. If your workplace offers help in this area, it could affect your compensation. Not only is this something you might not prefer, workplace-oriented surveys tend to not address areas of personal growth.

Your confidence does not deserve a compartmentalized approach. Should you only be confident when at work? And if you feel less confident away from work, won’t that confuse your workplace behavior? The optimal solution is an independent study of your personal brand. Let’s talk about getting you to take that first step toward exploration and self-actualization.