People automatically associate instinct with my brand of image consulting. After more than 30 years of advising people about their brand, presence, and style, they aren’t entirely wrong. But, an insider’s perspective can vouch that the best choice one can make is to choose methodology over instinct.

Yes, I have great instincts. But, what actually drives them? How did I develop such precise and exacting instincts? I built a methodology. For anyone considering hiring an image consultant, personal stylist, personal branding coach, or executive presence adviser, please take this advice. Choose methodology over instinct whenever possible.

There’s nothing wrong with instinct. It’s human nature to have a feeling about something. For instance, I have a natural talent for putting pieces of clothing together to create a stunning and stylish outfit. Another example is that I have a flair for using language to describe a person to a T. Sure, my gut feelings and sixth sense responses are typically spot on. But, it’s super hard – if not impossible – to pass along those instincts. If I operate only on instinct, and someone wants to know why, the answer would be, just because. Or, because I said so.

Instinct requires no qualification. But, instincts can also go awry. To be clear, I am not discounting the gift of instinct. But imagine the effectiveness of good instincts when applied to an actual methodology.

It’s interesting to hear from people about the high quality of my website, or the way I always look on-point. People who have known me a long time say that they appreciate watching me grow right out in the open. They appreciate my presence and unique personal style. It must be that I make it look easy. In turn, making it look so easy reduces it in people’s minds that it must all be due to instinct.

But, I need to be unequivocal about this. What people see and think of as instinct is hardly instinct at all. I study, whether it’s me as the subject, or any of my clients. I’m in the business of studying you like it’s no one’s business because that IS my business. And the ways in which I study people’s image, style, brand, and presence is a matter of methodology.

As a walking billboard of very hard behind-the-scenes work, I show up and make it all look so easy. That’s just the point, though, isn’t it? How else does one instill confidence in others? I’ve come a very long way on a journey of self-actualization. Through this, I developed a methodology that allows me to put my instincts to best use. In fact, I will always choose methodology over instinct because I want to balance my emotions with a rationale.

I would want to help you make it all look so easy for yourself, too. When you finish doing the hard work behind the scenes, the distillation of that effort looks effortless. That’s the whole point!

An on-point personal brand orients you toward leading with a powerful presence rooted in what comes naturally to you. Then, as you work on further developing internal qualities to demonstrate strong presence, you work on another aspect of your overall image by polishing your personal style. This all-encompassing approach is a methodology. It’s my methodology.

To choose methodology over instinct means that you want to put something into practice more than relying on an urge. A methodology serves as an organizing system that makes good sense of instinct, no matter how talented the instinctive person.