When my husband started working with Joseph Rosenfeld, I immediately saw a transformation in him. I thought to myself “how could I look this good?” I had an interest in fashion and shopped the latest trends as most women would, but in all honesty I really needed a ‘makeover’. My shopping experiences would entail me trying to mimic trendy styles and through trial and error I would manage to find a ‘look’ but not necessarily one that supported who I was or aspired to be.

What I had was a closet full of clothes that did not reflect ‘me’ and it was becoming more and more of a chore going through the selection process of getting dressed each day. At one point I wished we all had to wear uniforms because it all would be so much easier. I knew there had to be a better way.

I saw the increased confidence and ease in which my husband put himself together after he and Joseph worked on his style and realized it was time to give myself the gift of a better image. Soon, Joseph and I began the process of creating a style profile and setting some goals. One of the first things we did together was ‘clean out my closet’ and wow, what a truly cathartic experience!

After Joseph and I went through the piles of clothing I had acquired, we were left with a few select pieces, which we could build upon. The process left me with a fresh clean feeling not unlike stepping out of a shower, and soon we were able to bring in new pieces in new color palettes that made it an absolute pleasure again to put myself together for the day’s tasks.

Client Color Palette

Client Color Palette

The first profile did wonders for me, but I realized that the process of creating your personal brand and style is iterative. When Joseph first interviewed me as part of his style analysis, I answered the questions keeping in mind who I thought I wanted to be, not who I truly was. I decided to work with Joseph again to ‘recalibrate’ my style profile and this time I was ready to be completely honest with myself, and it showed in the results.

Now when I wake up in the morning and open my closet doors I feel HAPPY! Gone is the drudgery, getting ready for my day no longer feels like a chore, and I know that any choice I make will be a good choice for me. Like my husband, I also feel much more confident, capable, and energetic. It’s a great feeling to be comfortable in your clothes and yourself.

IMG_3540What’s it like working with Joseph Rosenfeld? It’s an absolute pleasure! Almost immediately you see him as a trusted advisor. Joseph shares so much of himself and his past experiences in working through his own style process that it’s a quick and easy connection. He is so passionate about your whole persona, not just the clothes aspect. He really takes the time to make sure that everything from your clothes to your hair, glasses, shoes, even skincare is absolutely perfect for you. He’s your advocate who fights for your personal brand in every last detail. I’m thrilled to have him in my corner, and look forward to an ongoing partnership.

~ Real Estate Investor