Closet Talk: Shrink The Body and Contents of the Closet

My client’s color palette has served as inspiration to help him shrink the body and contents of the closet. You might wonder how the two relate. The reality is that these colors represent a tangible way of seeing a new, healthy direction for his personal brand and style. It serves as inspiration to help him be on track to lose weight, and to get him into clothes that help him look and feel great in the present moment.

I’m so excited to share with you my first installment of “Closet Talk” for 2015. This month’s client, “Exhibit A,” is going to inspire you. Our present mission is twofold. In addition to developing his personal brand, our combined mission it to purge the contents of his closet. And he is on a weight loss mission. Soon after beginning our work together, things are already starting to take shape.

“Exhibit A” is not happy with how he looks. He wants to get his weight under control and is taking steps to make progress. Using me as his accountability partner, he hired a personal trainer, and is using an app to monitor his nutrition. He is making progress that numbers cannot measure. For sure, he reported to me that he has lost a couple of pounds so far; a good start.

He wants to lose 40 pounds. Even though he is a tall guy, 40 pounds will make a big difference in how he feels about himself. His posture and energy level surely will improve as a result. Because I have firsthand experience, having lost nearly 40 pounds several years ago, I know this is true. I cannot wait to see his progress and he succeeds to shrink the body.

One of my many responsibilities in helping “Exhibit A” is to help him shrink the contents of his closet, a deft and fast accomplishment. Wielding the results of his personal color and style profiles like a freshly sharpened axe, I edited his wardrobe. Nearly everything in there either didn’t fit, wasn’t a flattering color, or looked like a discounted dud, bought on the cheap and left to die on the closet rod. In the end, almost nothing remained in the closet. The experience was like cleaning up a decaying forest in order to prevent a forest fire. He quickly and completely understood why he struggled to make an outfit, and why it all had to go.

Now it was time for me to get to work for him and to lead with empathy. There was no way in hell that I’d let him own any more clothes that didn’t serve his daily needs and that couldn’t be used in multiple ways. He needed what was missing all along: variety and versatility.

That’s a lot to deliver to a guy whose big physical goal is to drop 40 pounds.

Closet Talk: Shrink The Body and Contents of the Closet

I asked my client to accept a tough challenge: to shrink the body and the contents of the closet. This simultaneous challenge is meant to help him make lasting and positive change. This tight capsule of suits, shirts, pants, ties and shoes [not pictured] has been selected to help him generate more business.

So far, I set him up with a couple of new suits, with mix-and-match shirts and ties. He got a couple of dress shirts that he can wear sans ties under suits, or with dress pants. He got more shirts to wear with dressier pants, or nicely tailored cotton pants, and even more shirts that look great for more relaxed moments. He’s getting variety and versatility right off the bat. “Exhibit A” has quickly gone from hating clothes to loving how he looks, even before he drops a single pound.

My client knows that he needs this wardrobe right now in order to help him generate sales. He knows that it is no longer acceptable to look like an accountant strolling into the office on a lazy Friday. “Exhibit A,” knows that he needs to bring his A-game to his professional life. When the work is just that important, you don’t wait to lose weight to make the right brand message with your personal style. He wasn’t ready to seize the day at first. But he has had a total turn around, and he is going to be wildly successful.

To shrink the body and contents of the closet simultaneously is quite a lot of change for the client to experience. What separates clients like “Exhibit A” from people determined to remain stuck is his determination to let go. Standing inside his hollowed out closet together, he turned to me and said, “Joseph, I have no style. And I have no clothes now. You have to help me.” Not to worry my friend. You are well on your way to transforming in ways you could have never predicted or known.

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