The intuitive methodology that I utilize so clothes reveal your true psyche separates me from many personal stylists. As this year draws to a close and a new year approaches, it’s a perfect moment for a quick self-assessment. How do you feel that your clothes enhance your life, energy and power? This triumvirate of immaterial forces comprises your psyche. If associating the materiality of clothes with the immateriality of the psyche confounds, read on.

The immateriality of life, energy and power causes these forces to remain secretive. Imagine how this translates into living your life without fully knowing how you sustain your own life, energy and power. I believe that clothes reveal your true psyche because they explain the stories behind why you wear what you wear.

I’ve been doing a lot of independent study on the psychology of style over the course of my career. This year, I have brought it into deeper focus, and intend to continue studying and practicing in this area. Also, it’s fair to say that I’ve studied the psychology of style by experimenting on myself. For added insights, here’s where you can read more about my core philosophy.

Thinking about how clothes reveal your true psyche, I compare who a client says she is with current fashion. Women who would most appreciate the clothes in this CHANEL boutique window in London use fashion to exploit their power. Whether for a laid back occasion, business, or to look sexy and bold, a specific outfit suggests a related energy.

Since the loss of my mom at the end of 2006, I’d been in therapy most of those intervening years. Since then, so much in my life has shifted. I felt as if I needed guidance to help me navigate through all of the shifting. Some of the shifting related to becoming the orphan adult child. Also, I realized that I could take care of myself and recognized my ability to live as an adult. Another huge shift had to do with reclaiming my independence and getting emotionally healthy after the loss of a relationship. So, during these many years, my personal life felt more in flux than my professional life and career.

Some days, I ran late to therapy sessions and dressed far from my best. What did those outfits convey about me? To demonstrate how clothes reveal your true psyche, I’ll share a couple of brief examples.

Sometimes, at therapy, I’d show up in workout gear. Certainly nothing fancy, or even outfitted. Just some Adidas shorts with a T-shirt, socks and sneakers. Often, I’d wear a cap with workout gear because I hadn’t yet showered and my curly hair looked wild. To me, this look represented how disorganized and unfocused I was at home before those sessions. At home, instead of hitting the gym as intended by wearing workout gear, I took phone calls and answered emails. I allowed other activities to sidetrack my attention.

When I wore gym clothes to therapy, this symbolized that I still hadn’t worked out or even showered. I did not make my wellness the number one priority. Therefore, my appearance on those days matched my inability to fully focus on my overall wellbeing. Those therapy sessions felt unfocused. I might have even tried too hard to impress my therapist to compensate for my lack of preparedness.

On other days, I showed up to sessions dressed up the way I prefer to present myself in public. Reflecting back on those particular days, I always felt more on-point, purposeful, and prideful. It seemed that on those days, I experienced feeling more in my power, and had a happier and healthier energy. The sessions tended to flow more easily. I made more and better progress. It didn’t feel as though I had to try and focus so hard on the better dressed days. So, if you wonder whether it’s really possible that clothes reveal your true psyche, look no further than these examples.

I used my therapy sessions as an example to demonstrate how clothes reveal your true psyche under similar circumstances. My audience was the same therapist, week after week. The therapist’s office was the same. The appointment time was the same. The variable was me, what was happening with me in the moment, and how I showed up. The inconsistency with which I showed up to those sessions reflected and represented the inconsistencies of my daily life. It didn’t feel good or right to show up looking less than my public-facing best.

Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, took inspiration from women Mexican horse riders and French equestrian life for Cruise 2019. But, there’s much more to the story than meets the eye. An ardent feminist, Chirui’s creations make a strong statement about women and their capabilities. So, even if most women won’t wear the “riding” outfits, a romantically powerful handbag could yet reveal your true psyche. Clothes and fashion telegraph very specific and special messages. Knowing what your own messages are can lead you to making fashion choices that assist you in being your best self.

The therapist didn’t judge me. Of particular note, never did my therapist even mention anything about how I looked at any session. It’s not like he didn’t know how important clothing is to my life and livelihood. Yet I am entirely certain that he took note of my appearance as symbolic of whatever was going on inside. Moreover, I believe that it impacted how he guided me through each session. Whichever “Joseph” showed up was the Joseph he needed to treat that day.

Clothes serve as more than an external reflection of the inner self. The act of wearing specific clothes can catapult your power and energy so that you are at your best. Can you imagine how many people you come into contact every day to whom you make an impression? And of those, how many do you encounter every day or ever week? I saw my therapist weekly. He definitely knew over time whether focused Joseph would greet him, or if unfocused Joseph would.

So, without holding any judgement on my part, I invite you to self-assess how you think that your clothes reveal your true psyche. Do you feel as if you look energetic and powerful in your own way?

My newest client says that she has only cared about how she looks on four very specific occasions. She has decided to work with me and wants a relaxed wardrobe so that she looks stylish for socializing. She does not want to have a crisis moment when she wants to or needs to look good. Underneath her reasons for starting to work with me now is a spirit in search of a transformation. It’s time that she feels wonderful from the inside out and from the outside in.

If you feel like you could improve the connection you have between your material style and immaterial psyche, let’s talk. One of my three different experiences may help you to transform that connection.