A mutual friend introduced me to Joseph Rosenfeld. I consider myself a savvy shopper with a good sense of color and style. And honestly, I didn’t think I needed his services. It turns out, we had quite a bit in common. Both of us are originally from the Midwest. And we were also influenced early in life by “The Official Preppy Handbook.”

My clothes and style represent a significant investment in myself. So, I saw meeting Joseph as an opportunity to improve the return on the investment I’d already made. I was curious about his “True Colors” color and style profile experience. Since I am always up for adding key pieces to my wardrobe, we started there. Again, I was sure I had a good handle on what colors and styles looked good on me – until reviewing Joseph’s insights.  His analysis changed my overall perspective and turned me on to new color and style possibilities.

Around that time, I had embarked on a major renovation project of my bathrooms and master bedroom closet. In order to make the bathroom the size I desired, I needed to downsize my main closet storage requirements.  So, I hired Joseph to help me weed out my wardrobe. He helped me get rid of pieces that I didn’t wear or no longer fit well.

Once we’d reduced my items, I still needed to redesign my master closet space. Again, Joseph stepped up to the challenge. Instead of spending a fortune with California Closets, Joseph found an organizational expert at the Container Store. They worked together to design the new closet in a way that is beautiful, luxurious, practical, useful, and affordable. My closet team literally “retailed” my wardrobe to an amazingly organized, color coordinated and uniform space. It is simply a pleasure to use and to see all of the colors and styles I own.

After all the hard work on the closet renovation, Joseph and I decided to reward ourselves with a shopping expedition to my favorite sample sale. What an eye-opening experience that was, as I’d always prided myself of my shopping prowess, spending hours combing through the racks to find those hidden gems. Within minutes of entering the store, Joseph zeroed in on the one perfect piece for me. He instantly identified outfits and key investment pieces at reasonable prices that I would have overlooked without him. We had a blast selecting styles in line with my color profile.

Expanding my color palette provided opportunities for fresh looks and new options. I would not have chosen them for myself without his insights.

Ultimately I realized just how much of an amateur shopper I am. I look forward to continuing to connect with him on fashion treasure hunts. I appreciate his input and eye — not only for the choices, but also — for upping my shopping game. He helps me spend my money more wisely. Since I enjoy shopping, I’m thankful for the work Joseph and I do. Even when he’s not with me, I hear his “voice” guiding my decisions and influencing my choices on investment decisions.

How is it to work with Joseph? He is an unexpected problem solver who made shopping for practical items like blazers, jackets, and pants fun instead of a necessary chore. Joseph is an extraordinary individual who is very giving of himself. He can make his work meaningful in someone’s life, which is a rare quality. I appreciate his skills and the services Joseph provides. I’m grateful for the chance to know him as a person and learn from how he works with people.