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You know that looking and feeling good about the image you project is critical to your success. But, you don’t know how to leverage the power of color to enhance your image. Maybe you’ve gotten too comfortable or complacent about the colors you gravitate towards. You want to look put together. Except that feeling of boredom or lack of inspiration with your current look gets in the way of your desire.

What is a Color Profile?

A color profile gets you to consider color in a whole new way and inspires your personal style. Color Profiling – part art, part science – aligns your inner/outer energy so you wear colors that flatter your outer and inner qualities. A customized color palette includes colors that match the actual “Color DNA” of your physical characteristics and hidden personality strengths. Beyond the physical palette, you will have a raised awareness and appreciation of your genuine self, leading to increased confidence.

The Color Profile Process

  • Firstly, analyze an individual’s Color DNA(TM) using a system comprised of 3500 colors.*
  • Secondly, review how color psychology helps identify, channel, and communicate core strengths.
  • Finally, receive a personalized true colors palette and color profile summary
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It takes being fearless to find your features rather than flaws.


Creating Your Personal Style

Do you know if people form the right impression of you, based solely on your appearance?  When asked to describe your style, can you translate your answer into an actual look and successfully repeat it?

Maybe you’ve previously worked with a personal stylist or shopper who never really got you on a deeper level.  Even if you’re not sure what your style is, it’s something you can learn to define and cultivate.  A personal style profile establishes a common language that ensures you know your style and consistently present yourself with confidence.  The style profile translates your personality qualities, traits, strengths, and goals into a language of your unique style. Your style profile summary identifies the types of garments, fits, fabrics, patterns, colors, and details to make the appropriate impression.

The Personal Style Profile Process

  • Begin by self-assessing your personality traits and development goals.
  • Receive an analysis that aligns with personality traits and development goals.
  • Then, review a style summary report that lays out how your personality and goals translate into current fashion.
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