Written with attorneys in mind, but also valuable to entrepreneurs and professionals, I am Introducing my Comprehensive Dress Style Commentary. While establishing a business presence in New York City, I have been paying attention to people’s dress style. Despite the business and weather differences between Silicon Valley and New York City, there are fewer differences between people’s dress style. The reason why people dress more similarly now is because dress codes are disappearing.

 It lays out the myriad internal and external forces that may impact an individual’s dress style. Read the white paper here: https://www.josephrosenfeld.com/introducing-my-comprehensive-dress-style-commentary/

Relaxing dress-style restrictions is freeing for executives and employees. And yet, like all freedoms, this one comes with certain unspoken and unwritten responsibilities. So, I decided to write, and now introduce, my comprehensive dress style commentary to convey why dressing well still matters. In essence, dressing well affects the bottom line. Whether it is earning more money, raising one’s profile, or inspiring others. The bottom line could also involve showing greater respect for others. Most especially, dressing well demonstrates deep self-respect.

Comprehensive Dress-Style Commentary for AttorneysDressing to be a top attorney – or successful business executive or entrepreneur, for that matter – requires intention and fastidious consideration. Dressing well yields results that far supersede the notion of energizing one’s ego. Nonetheless, a natural boost in self-confidence occurs when one shows up as their best self from the outside in. When done correctly, external dress-style reveals inner qualities, strengths, and characteristics that are unique to a person.

Executive Stylists Strategies Reveal in the Comprehensive Dress Style Commentary

Moreover, dressing to be a top professional shows sensitivity for the people in one’s orbit, and for the workplace culture. A person represents oneself as well as their employer while looking relatable to clients. It sounds a lot like trying to resolve a puzzle, doesn’t it? Fitting in while staying true to oneself is a big challenge as dress codes disband from corporations and professional firms.

Saving time in today’s hustle, bustle world has become a major commodity. We are all looking to save time so why not invest a few upfront hours for long-range results? All those wasted hours on bad purchases looking for the right fit, color, style. A holistic approach yields long-term effects rather than wasting years and money on failed experiments to establish a personal style. It’s about projecting a unique personal image, not about brand labels.

My holistic style and executive strengths-based coaching helps individuals make the most of their internal and external assets. Aligning outer and inner qualities activates a person’s full power. This leads to achieving new levels of success and fulfillment, as well as the bottom line. This process offers fast, true transformation.

As a reader of my blog, you are the first to whom I am introducing my comprehensive dress-style commentary. I invite you to get inspired to dress for your best life by enjoying this white paper with my compliments. Read here: https://www.josephrosenfeld.com/comprehensive-dress-style/

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