The Comprehensive Dress Style white paper addresses crucial and subtle style and identity challenges that attorneys face. It equally pertains to C-level execs and business owners. In fact, corporations continue to reassess the value of dress codes.

Meanwhile, recent human rights laws, which vary by location, make standard dress codes obsolete. For instance, in New York City, it is against the law for employers to enforce gender-specific requirements.

Take, for instance, Wall Street investment banking firm Goldman Sachs relaxed its dress code. Similarly, General Motors reduced a 10-page dress code into just two words: dress appropriately.

As a result of employers shifting the burden of determining appropriate dress to employees, workers face boundless challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, comprehensive dress style for attorneys and C-level execs is crucial as it comes to influencing decision makers positively. Whether it’s in the court room, an arbitration meeting, or on the golf course, showing up looking on-point matters a lot.

Of course, dressing well is no replacement for competence, and it will not camouflage a shoddy work product. Still, while striving to be the very best version of yourself, looking the part certainly helps.

In short, personal style is vital to indicating your competence and taking care of your reputation. Absolutely, when in negotiations, making a presentation, and developing relationships, the power of non-verbal communication cannot be underestimated.

The Comprehensive Dress Style white paper carefully inquires into how a confident and powerful professional image directly impacts your success. To sum up, personal style impacts the bottom line by making it easier to build more confidence, business and personal relationships, income, and career advancement.

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