My secret to showing up with competence is a confident self-assured style strategy. In fact, this is the secret to every wardrobe I curate and show to a client. Since writing a recent blog post about how a self-assured style reveals competence, I offer more insight into the strategy. Evaluating and learning about these factors helps my clients show up with competence and confidence:

– optimal colors
– personality qualities, traits, characteristics, and goals
– planned purpose for the clothing we review
– intended non-verbal message
– financial guideline

Now, here’s another secret to this style strategy. This list of factors reads like a rationale for a system. But, it all turns emotional when you finally see the clothing and accessories. You don’t have to be an expert professional like me to follow these style strategy components. Likely, you automatically think of these elements when preparing an outfit or a wardrobe. But, very often, people miss the mark, struggling to see who they are today, and thinking about their goals.

The client I chose these clothes for [atop the post] had very specific goals in mind. I pulled these items together to review with other items from past wardrobe capsules I curated. One of the best outcomes of my style strategy process is that I show the client a highly accurate selection. In fact, she accepted each piece in this capsule, except one damaged blouse. So, I found an even better piece for her later. Collectively, all of these pieces create strong looks that achieve her personal style goals for a very high stakes situation.

As an extra benefit, while these clothes serve her current needs, they will also help to serve her long-term goals.

Confident Self-Assured Style StrategyHere’s another example of a confident self-assured style strategy. This photo shows how I built a men’s wardrobe capsule of formal business attire for a client. The client does not typically wear this level of clothing. But, he had been retained to provide his expert knowledge in a setting that requires this level of clothing. It was very important to me to show him a look that he could feel comfortable and confident in. The more comfortable and confident he could feel in the clothes, the more competent he would appear. It worked!

All of the feedback the client has received, and passed along to me, has been nothing but positive. Best of all, though, is that he personally felt more empowered, ready, and gave the very best of himself. And he shared that preparing for this using my confident self-assured style strategy made it very easy to deliver results on the highest level. Yay for him!

With color palette in-hand and style profile results in mind, I searched for three ideal suits that support both profiles. Next, I looked for a variety of versatile dress shirts that have the trademark qualities that match his personality qualities. From there, I sought out a set of neckties to provide a huge amount of unique outfit combinations. And then, I sourced two pairs of shoes, matching belts, and solid merino wool socks to make the capsule complete.

With this third recent client, I wanted to show, by using clothing, how poised and self-assured she is. Do these clothes look they belong to a woman who freely expresses her true opinions and feelings? Do these clothes seem to reference her determination and sense of autonomy? If she took your side in an argument, do you think she’d strongly support you? As a huge women’s empowerment supporter, I take this level of initiative to help her reach her higher potential. This is what a confident self-assured style strategy looks like. Just by looking at this clothing selection, she saw an external representation of who she is on the inside.

While this fourth wardrobe capsule example offers minimalist simplicity, it also allows my client to stand in his full power.

A little background on the client: He’s an introvert in search of constant Zen in a very frenetic profession. Clothes are not important to him, but he newly came to realize that wearing the right stuff has impact. He doesn’t enjoy when high-profile and powerful people he works with get on him about his Banana Republic level wardrobe. His attitude is at once laid back, masculine, and low key. He wants to appear meticulous, polished, and magnetic.

I offered this to him as a confident self-assured style strategy solution:

Confident Self-Assured Style StrategyTwo gray suits are perfect for an introvert to find quiet strength and power, while an impeccably tailored [well, they all are!] dark navy connotes more quiet power in terms of trustworthiness and independent responsible individual. The suits are quietly minimal with easy silhouettes and solid fabrics with subtle woven textures.

Seven dress shirts provide subtle graphic pop, six of which are either non-solid solid or small check patterns. Those shirts offer subtle nods to his active way of being. A fancy twill white dress shirt makes the case to take him very seriously when he wears it. Because people see him wear the series of patterned shirts on a daily basis, the white shirt stands out.

Solid woven ties work atop the dress shirts in varying combinations and finished with the appropriate shoe/belt combination. These neckties tie thick knots, a gesture that looks masculine and magnetic, without uttering a word. They match his quiet strength, power, and look “muscular” in their sculpted knots.

A polished classic black cap-toe shoe looks more formal and snappier. Whereas, a dusty suede wingtip offers the chance to look either more rugged and subtly relaxed, depending on the day.

This tight wardrobe capsule offers 28 unique outfit combinations, just by changing suit, shirt, tie, and shoe/belt combinations.

Would you find him quietly captivating and Zen like?

This is how I explain and visualize the process of creating wardrobe capsules based on who clients say they are. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t want a confident self-assured style strategy. So, it’s at the core of what I aim to deliver.