As a high-level sales executive, I find myself constantly pushing myself to evolve as a person. Looking good and feeling good about the image I’m projecting to my potential clients or network is a critical part of my success. Over the years, I worked with numerous personal shoppers, but none of them seemed to bring out what I thought could be the BEST me, the authentic me, the one that left the best impression and ultimately closed the deal.

Luckily, my friend suggested I try working with Joseph Rosenfeld who has taken me on a year long journey which truly connects my inner creativity and persona to my external brand and style. Now I know with confidence that how I feel about myself projects upon the world around me. It makes me feel great, and I appear in a manner that I know makes other people around me feel good too.

IMG_0002-1I had always thought finding a stylist was as easy as changing my clothes, shoes, or hair but Joseph’s approach goes much deeper than a new wardrobe. He begins by taking the time to really get to know you as a person, what your goals are, and where you see yourself now and in the future. We had many conversations that had little to do with what’s in my closet before he developed the perfect color profile for me. Creating and understanding my profile became the foundation of my wardrobe choices and Joseph helped me let go of the brands, styles, and colors of my past that just weren’t working for me.

IMG_0128-1He intuitively knew what looked fantastic on me. Now, it’s so much easier for me to select my day’s look because all the items remaining in my closet are my favorite pieces, and they all work together so well. I ended up with fewer items but have many more possibilities. After working with Joseph, I’m confident I have the tools and knowledge I need to make wise wardrobe decisions.

Joseph is so passionate about his work and has an incredible way of bringing out your inner creativity. He uses these details to give you a solid style foundation that helps you present yourself in the best way possible. You feel complete, comfortable, and whole in  so regardless of the personal or professional situation you’re in you are leaving the best impression.

I consider my work with Joseph a critical part of my personal development budget and continue to rely on Joseph to shop and consult with me as needed. He’s an amazing person, and I feel good that I made the decision to invest in myself by working with him.