Envision an orange as a symbolic representation of your entire brand. On the outside, it looks complete and pulled together. But, inside you know that many sections make an orange whole and complete. To thoroughly develop your brand, you need to work on the various sections that make your brand whole and complete.

This being the season of both Easter and Passover, I thought that I would share that each year on the Passover Seder plate I always place an orange to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.  The many sections of the orange represent the world’s diverse backgrounds.  An orange, just like the world, is whole only with all its sections.  Another tradition is baking an orange cake each year for the Seder.  In working with the oranges to make the cake, I was realizing how the orange sections also represent the crucial components to develop your brand.  If you compared yourself to an orange, you could see how all the facets that complete you are just like all of those orange sections.

Your personality is just one of the crucial components.  I’ve written about this many times before, but it never feels like it gets enough attention.  The individual characteristics that make up your personality are the very traits that distinguish you from anyone else.  When you are crystal clear about this unique set of characteristics that define your personality, you can consider in what ways you want to live up to the potential of them.

When it comes to your personal style, it is entirely possible to assign qualities of your personality traits into the clothing you wear, the car you drive, how you decorate your home and your office.  Those items help to personify how you are defined in a physical way.  Even your choices in technology devices can affect the way people perceive you.


Your strengths serve as a rich contextual layer of details that can help you to thoroughly develop your brand.

When you know what your strengths are, you learn more of the crucial components to thoroughly develop your brand.  This is something you can do independently.  Get the book “Strengthfinders 2.0.”  Inside the book, you’ll find a “golden ticket” that will take you to a website where you complete a personal survey about your strengths.  The results are emailed to you, detailing your top five strengths.

I review these strengths with clients who have completed the Strengthsfinders assessment, and find that they serve as a rich contextual layer of details that can help you to thoroughly develop your brand.

Another way that I work with strengths is through the analysis of a client’s personal color profile.  I display the entire palette in a circular format, as if to expose each section like an orange.  I break down the entire palette into four separate groups.  Each section size is usually different.  Then, I analyze what each section of the palette means, from the perspective of color psychology.  The strengths revealed through this process have helped my clients get hired, promoted, to sell their ideas and raise funds more successfully.  The process also helps them to feel better about who they are on a daily basis.

Your personal style is another of the components to thoroughly develop your brand.  You may have great credentials, amazing ideas, and a keen ability to articulate how great and amazing you and your ideas are.  And when your look is consistent with all this ability, nobody can stop you from succeeding.

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