When you think about creating a new look for yourself, what would you want to change? And why change it? Knowing both answers will help you develop an action plan so you find success at designing your new image.

Not all white blouses or shirts are the same. I selected these women’s blouses to demonstrate what goes into designing your new image. Whether you identify as male or female, the same parameters apply.

It’s amazing how clothes make such a difference in the way you communicate information about yourself. Consider a few examples of how designing your new image could look:

Would you want to convey trust and credibility? A collared, long-sleeved shirt, a garment with lapels that accents your shoulder line will have others paying attention to you. What’s more, dressed like this, you walk a bit taller, sit up straighter, and take yourself a more seriously.

Envision dressing up to address a group of people. Making a strong impression is just as important to you as what you plan to say. Think about having everything on except for that jacket item. Without it, you’re at a loss of a certain level of professionalism. Put it on, and you immediately show and command respect. Job interviews require this mutual show of respect.

Sometimes it may be part of your role to show that you’re supportive of others. This is a perfect opportunity to wear clothes in a softer, smooth fabric, with a bit of drape. A low-contrast outfit, and lighter in color to your personal coloring, communicates a comforting message. Even when you have difficult news to deliver, this color strategy proves effective.

Women, often in the role of caregivers, show this gentle quality by wearing clothes just as I’ve described. Men do the same thing by wearing ties in softer colors when they want to convey reassuring messages. No matter your role, gender, or position, conveying that you care about people come from words, actions, and your image.

While at work, it may be important to let co-workers and the boss know that you’re fun to be around. Small-to-medium sized patterns and using several colors in one outfit are visual signs that you’re an active person. Active people are team players and are fun to be around.

When you work on projects with others, it’s effective to subtly introduce these motifs into your wardrobe on those days. What’s totally fascinating is how doing this can give even the independent worker an attitude adjustment.

When you understand what you want to change about your personal image, and why, and learn the messages of fabrics, colors, patterns, and line and design, you’ll find success in designing your new image and in transforming your life.

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