Have you ever felt the need to hit the restart button? Did you do it, or just kept thinking about it? Well, I thought about it. During the first part of the pandemic, I enthusiastically hit the restart button. So, I know what it’s like to think about it, and importantly, what it’s like to act on the desire.

Critical and timely reasons to hit the restart button

The pandemic and shelter-in-place orders continue to impact how we conduct our professional and personal lives. From a leadership perspective, it is more important than ever to have effective communication, since nearly everything is via video. We no longer take for granted the in-person connections we were accustomed to. In fact, we long for a return to that normalcy.

On top of the health crisis, is a leadership crisis about what is – and isn’t – truthful and factual. You can be a truthful, present, and supportive leader. But, people you lead, at least some, are affected by the incessant questioning of what is real. It’s not just political, it’s societal. So, this is another reason why it is really important that leaders have a reassuring effect on people.

Thinking about it? Yeah, me too. And I took action.

Look, I’ve had to address the same issues and made the same kinds of adjustments this year. And while I’ve enthusiastically hit the restart button, it’s been a big project. It involved soul searching [more than ever, and I’ve done plenty!], conducting research and interviewing longtime clients. I evaluated my strengths and invited a circle of people encompassing all aspects of life to survey my personal brand.

In the end, I re-thought my services, re-developed this website [please take a look!], and am practicing concise communication. In learning about the way clients, colleagues, family, and friends know me, this permitted me to think expansively and act.

Is it time for you to hit the restart button?

It’s the story of my life to be my own client, then experimenting on myself to develop a personal style. And now to consider the power of my presence, even as I advise and coach others to maximize theirs.

So, when should you enthusiastically hit the restart button? You’ll either feel it from deep within. Or, a relentless interest in self-actualization could lead you to hit it.

I offer words of encouragement that when the feeling is right, you have a consummate professional ready to advise you.