What makes something become especially coveted by highly desirous people? I think the answer to this question is that multitudes of reasons drive one’s desires to covet special things. However, if pressed to give a singular answer, I’d force myself to tell you that our stories drive our desires. This is certainly true of the story behind this set of Valentine’s Day gifts that I selected for my clients to give each other this year.

I love working with couples, and the story behind this gift exchange perfectly explains why I do. Moreover, the story really tells you a bit of the magic that clients experience when working with me. Working with couples is exciting, but it can also be a delicate situation. Imagine intimately knowing the inner workings of a person that is deeper than his or her spouse can. I honestly marvel at this gift of knowing people in this way as the channel from a higher power.

So, in order to find personal effects especially coveted by highly desirous people, I have to know their stories. Making it safe for people to share their stories yields the kind of outcome I’m about to share with you. I can tell you this. These two clients absolutely love one another, are mutually empathic for each other, and want to support each other’s growth. Their stories led me on a search. These selections, especially coveted by highly desirous people, are the result.

Something as significant as a stone with healing properties deserves a special twist. After a long search, I zeroed in on this stunning rutilated rose quartz pendant in the shape of a fragrance bottle. I predict screams of joy [without the perfume] when she receives this.

The hunt for the perfect gifts began with a request: “find something in rose quartz for my wife.” I understand the spiritual benefits of this stone. Its restorative and purifying properties symbolize unconditional love and promote deep inner healing and peacefulness. So, when I understand something at this level, what I realize is that this is actually the gift. The stone is the carrier of the energy and of the message. This set the stage for searching for that magical item.

I won’t tell you my method of searching and selecting – that’s kind of a trade secret! But, I will tell you that I search high and low from more resources than you can shake a stick at. Not only is this a required aspect of my profession, but an active pursuit for 30 years…

When I spotted this carved rose quartz pendant on a gold chain with diamonds, I knew it was absolutely perfect. I had to place an order to have it made for the client to give to his wife. This is no ordinary piece of rose quartz. It is actually rutilated rose quartz, which contains golden rutile threads. This added property adds gravitas to the entire intention.

The golden rutile threads and the diamonds will remind her of the goal of the ongoing and never-ending healing journey. The pendant is actually a miniature perfume bottle. My intention is that she appreciate the space inside of it – the air – as the purifying ‘fragrance’ of her healing.

Especially Coveted by Highly Desirous People

Imbued in this handsome bracelet are the special properties of ebony wood. He gets two of these in his spirited and scented gift.

Knowing that she is receiving such a lovely gift, I had to ensure that her husband also receives something special. With nothing to go on, other than intuition, I went back into the vault, known as my brain, for inspiration. Thinking, I remembered a confidential conversation she and I had. So, while I won’t break confidence about that conversation, I can tell you that he, too, is on a journey. Knowing what he’s going through at this stage in his life, I set about to tie her gift to him into his gift to her.

What I came up with is a 4-part gift with an emphasis on wood. Wood represents re-growth, inner strength, and is terrific for exploring intuition and emotion. Instinctively, I just knew this was the right ‘note’ to hit with her gift to him.

Especially Coveted by Highly Desirous People

My intention is that he wears this bracelet in between the other pair because the agate stones are ideal for centering and stabilizing physical energy.

So, this couldn’t really involve selecting a piece of clothing this time around. In order to dig up just the right things especially coveted by highly desirous people, I dug into my senses. I knew that I’d have to find objects made of wood. Immediately, I considered jewelry. There is actually a lot of jewelry made with wood. But, I didn’t want anything gimmicky or juvenile.

After much rooting around, I zeroed my attention on two handsome bracelets. I ordered two of one, and one of the other. He can wear them as a stack on one wrist. Or, he can wear one of each on each wrist and set the third aside. And then again, he could wear a pair on one wrist and the third on the other. So, lots of choices.

Especially Coveted by Highly Desirous People

My clients and I have a very tight bond. She would publicly admit that she has a fetish about my choices of fragrances. Anything I own, she has to have for herself. I feel honored that I can offer her some balm of protection by sharing fragrances. But, in this particular case, the fragrance of choice is for her husband. To be clear, I would wear it, and I know she would, too. In this case, he gets to enjoy it before we all do!

Somehow, though, I knew this gift-in-the-making was incomplete. It needed something else. A fragrance, I intuited. She hadn’t asked me to ever select a fragrance for her to gift him. Now it was the perfect time. I spent a very long time acclimating my nose to sample numerous fragrances with a wood highlight. At the end of my very pleasantly smelly search, I settled on one. Ultimately, I chose it because I knew that she would love how it smells. After all, it’s her gift to give to him. But, I also know him very well, and I was certain that this one is perfect.

Fragrance is an interesting choice for this gift. After all, it’s a kind of ephemeral thing. It smells one way just when it’s sprayed. Then, as it settles onto the surface of the skin, it takes on other aromatic properties. As the day wears on, so does the fragrance. Finally, it washes away in the shower. This is exactly what I love about fragrance as a gift for her to give to him at this time. As she wears her necklace as an intentional act, his spraying on the fragrance and wearing the bracelets are his. He needs these reminders right now in order to do his spiritual work.

Choosing gifts especially coveted by highly desirous people isn’t really about the physical gifts. The desire is for something far deeper. It’s to show unconditional love and appreciation for one another ‘as is’ while supporting each other’s growth. I am excited to see what happens to my treasured clients and friends next!

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