Last Thursday, just getting to the first day of the annual New York Fashion Conference, I experienced true luxury. Fashion was the center point of the conference, but related subjects rolled into the content. Topics included jewelry design, sustainability, the powerful role of women, and the role of the Internet and influencers on fashion. So, why was just getting there an experience in luxury? Well, the fact that I didn’t have to fly across the country to attend was a luxury. The ease by which I departed a Brooklyn residence, hopped a subway, and quickly arrived at the destination is luxury. I didn’t have to fly from California to attend this conference.

Acquiring a new garment here and there is how most people build wardrobes. But, doing it this way lacks a certain vision. To experience true luxury fashion, it’s not about how much you spend on clothes. It is much more about the unique vision that makes what you own special and specific to who you are.

That kind of ease and comfort is a basis for luxury. It happened so seamlessly that I bet we all could easily relegate the experience to mere convenience. But, it was also a low-end form of luxury. I did not hire a car and driver to get me there. I paid $2.75 to take the train. Still, when I arrived, I was grateful for the ease of it all. Of course, my ensembles each day spoke volumes of my personal style and taste for luxury. Yet, “Style is more than the clothes you wear.” Read more about my philosophy here:

As my body arrived at the conference on schedule, my mind was ahead of schedule. Even before arriving, I already was contemplating how we experience true luxury. Fashion is the epicenter of my interests. So, upon arriving at the conference, my thoughts centered around how we experience true luxury fashion.

True luxury must not be necessary to one’s life, but should add comfort or pleasure. Some of my clients do not view the experiences that I offer as a luxury. They may have a very hard time finding clothes that fit well. Or, they need someone to help them solve other specific problems. It’s an honorable responsibility to help clients who come to me for that kind of help. The thing is that even without help, they would still find clothes to wear. They may not look as good, and they may certainly still lack confidence, but they would not be without clothes.

The client who needs style guidance gets to experience true luxury fashion because of how I help them. My experiences make it easier for the client. The outcomes and results provide pleasure and satisfaction. I have no doubt that everyone wants pleasure and satisfaction, but few will indulge in it. My clients do.

“Psychoanalysis in Fashion” clearly has less to do with how we experience true luxury fashion. But, psychology plays a large role in my methodology. So, it was an honor to meet Anita Katz, co-author of this very important book.

To experience true luxury fashion, one must indulge and invest in one’s own growth. These days, I equate luxury to that of a customized experience. If someone buys a Jason Wu cashmere knit for $550 and is happy with her purchase, that’s great. But, my client gets to experience true luxury fashion when I select that piece for her. She learns why it’s a great piece for her and how to wear it for maximum effect and benefit. That piece is even more valuable because of the customized experience.

By working with me, she gets to experience true luxury fashion, and ends up with the product and the experience. I offer my clients many customized options to work with me. Read more about these experiences here:

There is so much effort to democratize luxury by commoditizing products. There are issues with getting something for less. When we invest less, we are willing to accept less – or no – help with our selections. We end up with “stuff” but without a great experience to wrap around the “stuff” to make it more valuable.

For very few, it’s possible to experience true luxury fashion by spending a fortune on just one piece of clothing. If you can afford haute couture, that remains a viable experience. Yet, most modern-minded people require an experiential element to make fashion a true luxury experience these days. So much information, including this blog post, is totally accessible, friendly in nature, and free. But, along with that experience, you take this information in on your own. To experience true luxury fashion is to enjoy something exclusive.

Coming away from this conference, I say with pride that for 30 years, I have offered my clients the chance to experience true luxury fashion. Read up on just a few of the outstanding experiences that clients opened up to share in their own words: