David_Bowie_Ziggy_StardustTo many, fashion conjures up frivolity.  Of course, we see fashion play out as a form of entertainment.  What are the Hollywood stars wearing?  For those who care [I don’t], what are the Kardashians wearing?  The general public follows this stuff like crazy, and it does turn fashion into something that can be silly and trivial.  However, I have a different take on fashion.  A more serious pursuit of fashion helps you to advance.

First to come to mind is fashion’s impact on an icon.  Can you imagine David Bowie as having been quite as impactful an artist without his penchant for personal style?  Yes, he was most famous for being a singer/songwriter.  But the man had presence.  On stage, on video, and through his voice, Bowie’s presence was buoyed by his sense of personal style and forceful use of fashion.  To his credit, Bowie looked the way his music sounded – often so different and unusual that it was considered otherworldly, and was an early famous male figure to embrace androgyny.

Fashion helps you to advance in the same way that it worked for Bowie. Being able to look like the way you sound creates credibility for you in front of your very own audience.  One of my new clients and I had this very conversation recently.  What she says is bold, but without forcefulness.  She has a naturally soft presence.  If she were to continue to use fashion improperly, as she was, her look would appear to be much louder than she sounds.  In effect, this would make her softness come across as a weakness, rather than as a strength.  When she was presented with new fashionable clothes that speak to her style, she got instant clarity on this.

What about those Kardashians?  I feel a bit forced to bring them up because their use of fashion has helped them to advance – and they have nothing to offer beyond their sheer celebrity.  This, of course, drives me bat-shit crazy.  Their celebrity fame seems inescapable, even if you don’t watch television [as I barely watch any].  Still, they represent an excellent example of how fashion helps you to advance because, without their use of fashion they’d only be blabbing on and on without much redeeming visual value.

Kardashian_ClanNow, I am hardly going to compare you to the Kardashians.  I’m not about to insult your ego or intelligence.  Plus, I just know that you have a lot to offer the world.  This is one of those weird moments where the lowest common denominator seems to suggest what’s possible.  If the Kardashians can use fashion to help them advance, then so can you!  Imagine showing up as an active participant to an interview, a presentation, an investor meeting, a date, or having a heart-to-heart with your spouse/partner, in part because of your appearance…

Fashion helps you to advance this way because it helps you to say what you want to say.  Fashion can help you look approachable, businesslike, distinguished, calm, captivating, artistic, or sophisticated.  It can even combine different messages into one cohesive outfit to help you convey a range of visual messages that sync with your verbal and vocal messages.

You don’t have to be David Bowie, the Kardashians, or another legendary or living celebrity to see that fashion helps you to advance.  Once you harness the power of fashion in a way that supports who you are, you will make incredible strides in your life.  I’d not be in business to help guide people along if this weren’t proven to be true.

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