Here’s a chance for you to share your favorite purchase of the year with my readers and to possibly win a cool gift.  So start sharing!  You could win one of my favorite fashion, style, image, or branding books.  Winners will be chosen randomly.

There are no qualifications to win as long as you acquired the item in 2010.  Just tell us all what’s your favorite purchase of the year and why you bought it.  What makes it the standout above anything else you’ve added to your wardrobe?

So what’s my favorite purchase for the year?  Since I really only buy clothes and accessories I love and are of high quality [as I wrote about in last week’s blog post and inspired this idea], this isn’t as cut and dry as you might think, if you know me well.  But my answer came pretty quickly when I considered the options for the year.

My favorite item is something I have coveted for some time.  It’s an Hermes belt.  Though I held back on getting it for quite some time, I could kick myself now because since getting it, I seem to find a way to wear it nearly every day.  It looks great with everything and goes with everything.  It’s a signature item that defines my personal taste and style.  Though it could have just as easily been purchased in San Francisco, it was acquired in Paris, like a great memento of a wonderful trip, and of a first-rate shopping experience at a fabled store located at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

The leather options first had to be examined and determined, followed by the hardware options, in order to customize the item.  In the end, my Hermes brown and black reversible belt with gold “H” buckle is as versatile as about a dozen of my other belts combined! Since getting this belt, I only occasionally gravitate to other belts, when the color or hardware of the Hermes belt don’t properly accentuate my chosen outfit and footwear choice.  But it’s rare. It’s definitely the top choice of the year, and one I’ll enjoy for years to come.  I look forward to collecting an additional strap to expand my shoe options to other funky, cool color choices.  You know I love to be original.

Okay, now it’s your turn.  And I would also encourage you to keep coming back and reading each other’s comments.  If you read someone’s story and like it, go ahead and use the “Like” button and give someone some love for sharing their story.  Let’s have fun sharing our favorite purchases of the year.  I think we can learn a lot by sharing with each other.

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