At the end of a fun and cleansing closet clearing session with a client, I turned to my client and said, “You are finally allowing yourself to be and feel special!”

How often do any of us actually allow ourselves to be and feel special? It dawned on me how important this point is. I knew in that moment that I’d have to write about it. Finally allowing yourself to be and feel special is nurturing, healing and exhilarating!

Working with this client the first time around, something wasn’t quite right, so we took a break. A year and a half later, we’re back to working together, and this time, she’s finally allowing herself to be and feel special. The first time around, there were other motivations, but they weren’t necessarily to satisfy her own needs. Now, instead of doing something that she thought would please others, she’s working with me to please herself. This is a very nurturing gift that she’s giving herself.

She recently took trips to meditate and to practice yoga. She took time to be alone, and to be with others. Giving herself this kind of time and space, to be clear in who she is and who she wants to be, is a healing way of finally allowing herself to be and feel special.

While away on the yoga retreat, she treated herself to a truly beautiful, artisan made, necklace and coordinating earrings. Immediately, I noticed and said, “You could wear this with what you have on right now.” And she said, “Really? I would never have thought of it because that’s so special.”

The second she said that to me, I knew she was on the verge of having a breakthrough.

I said, “If you feel like that necklace and earrings are that special to you, why would you only reserve wearing it for a time that you think is special? Today is special. You are special. Why not connect the special energy that you equate with the jewelry by wearing it anytime you want?”

Silence. Widened eyes. A smile. A realization. The jewelry is only as special as the wearer, and only when it is worn. This conversation gave her a chance to feel something that she was on the brink of experiencing all along. But, gentle and supportive guidance finally allowed her to be and feel special.

We even made her closet look better by better organizing it, and by unifying the hangers in her section. Because we eliminated visual distractions, she can now see her wardrobe inventory much better. She could see how special each item is. She could connect more easily with the purpose and spirit of each piece that makes the wardrobe special. It was amazing to see her connect with the wardrobe in a fresh way, almost like what happens when you spray Windex on your mirror and clean away the dust, fingerprints, and smudges. Clarity.

Allowing yourself to be and feel special isn’t easy for many reasons. Some people think that others are more special than they are. Others think that they are not special, or not special enough. Then, some people think that if they think of and treat themselves as special, that they are conceited, or self-centered. Where all of this stuff comes from is not for me to venture into.

All I know is that finally allowing yourself to be and feel special gives you a kind of personal power that helps you be strong for others who you care about at home, at work, and within your social circle. It helps you to take better care of yourself.

In the end, if you don’t allow yourself to be and feel special, how in the world can you expect anyone else to treat you that way?

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