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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Styling Services

What Is an Image Consultant?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T18:52:14-05:00

Image consulting goes beyond the clothes you wear. It’s about exuding confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin; it’s about realizing your true self. An image consultant takes a holistic approach that addresses both your mindset and your wardrobe.

Why Is Personal Style Important in Business?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T18:53:17-05:00

While we’ve all heard the old adage about not judging a book by its cover, human nature is hard to overcome—we all make snap judgments about people based on their outward appearance. This is particularly true in business, when an outdated wardrobe or unpolished look can send the message that you’re unserious, scattered, or behind-the-times. Your personal style is a tool that can convey your professionalism and competence.

What Are the Benefits of a Personal Stylist?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T18:57:43-05:00

For many executives and public figures, one of the primary benefits of a personal stylist is that it’s a valuable time-saver. A professionally-curated wardrobe saves busy clients time in shopping and in deciding what to wear each day. Personal stylists can also help you make the most of your current wardrobe, offer advice in dressing for your body type, and collaborate with you in developing your own unique style.

What Should You Look for in a Personal Stylist?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T18:58:24-05:00

You might think that when looking for a personal stylist, you should find someone whose own personal style matches what you aspire to, but this is the wrong approach—a good stylist can put together wardrobes that fit another’s aesthetics. Instead, seek a personal stylist who has experience working with clients who have profiles similar to yours and whose approach to styling is a fit for your needs. Don’t hesitate to interview a number of personal stylists—it’s important to find someone you have a good rapport with.

Do You Offer Image Consultant Programs?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:05:06-05:00

Yes, Joseph Rosenfeld offers image consultant services to clients.

How Much Does a Personal Stylist Cost?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:06:10-05:00

Our value-driven approach to personal styling offers clients a set of immersive experiences that deliver transformative outcomes.

For instance, a client must first complete a color and style profiling prior to wardrobe development. We also recommend personal branding exploration to clients seeking a more holistic approach.

Then, with a new wardrobe, and updated personal brand, image consulting and executive presence coaching further compliment a comprehensive suite of services unique in comparison to other personal stylists.

Why Do I Need Personal Styling Services?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T18:59:09-05:00

Everyone can benefit from the services of a personal stylist, but it’s particularly important for executives, thought leaders, and professionals to have a cohesive style that sends the right message and inspires confidence.

What Is the Difference Between a Personal Stylist and Fashion Stylist?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:00:00-05:00

Fashion stylists make clothes look their best; a personal stylist makes you look your best. 

What Is a Style Profile?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:00:47-05:00

A style profile is a collaborative effort between you and your personal stylist that defines your unique style and gives you the tools needed to present yourself with confidence. It includes types of garments, fit, fabrics, patterns, colors, and other details that allow your outer appearance to match your personality and career goals.

What’s Included in the Wardrobe Consulting Services?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:02:26-05:00

Wardrobe consulting is a bespoke service, as every client has different needs and goals. It generally includes an assessment of your current wardrobe, the addition of new pieces, and guidance on aligning your outer style with your inner self.

How Does Fashion Impact Your Personal Image?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:03:31-05:00

Fashion tends to imply passing trends and fads—what’s au courant. Some people confuse having a strong personal image with indiscriminately latching onto every style trend, but this approach actually weakens your personal image rather than strengthening it. A personal stylist shows you how to effortlessly combine the latest in fashion with timeless pieces for a more polished personal image.

How Can You Develop Executive Presence in Your Personal Style?Mainstreet ROI2020-11-23T19:04:22-05:00

Executive presence is about more than stocking your closet with an array of perfectly tailored suits. Many industry icons—think Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg—also have iconic personal style. Your personal style should perfectly encapsulate your personality, your own career goals, and your company’s ethos for an executive presence that inspires confidence in your leadership.

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