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Executive Stylist in Greenwich, CT

Many successful executives, entrepreneurs, financiers, entertainers and attorneys call Greenwich, CT home. Though residents have a certain sense of style and identity, were they all born with them? That’s the case for some. But, for other Greenwich residents, an image consultant is key to their success.

A discerning Greenwich clientele appreciates Joseph Rosenfeld’s unique image consulting approach. Developing a precise personal style and refined presence guarantees social and professional success.

Greenwich, CT Personal Image Consultant Services

More than a wardrobe consultant, Joseph Rosenfeld completely transforms your personal style. Anyone can tell you what to wear based on current trends. But, Joseph goes beyond by harmonizing your external appearance and inner qualities. This makes it easy for you to allow others to see the real you with confidence in any situation.

Joseph offers these services to those in need of a personal branding consultant in Greenwich, CT:

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To learn more about Joseph’s personal styling and personal branding services in Greenwich, CT, contact him at 408-550-5335. Or, schedule a free exploration call to get started on your style journey.