How I Work

I Study Your Personal Brand and Style Like Nobody’s Business

Strategy to Exude Your Personal Brand

My clients report results that are both obvious and more subtle when we develop their personal brand and style.  You should expect to feel right about the way your appearance matches your strengths, energy, personality, and goals. Your wardrobe choices outwardly reflect your personal brand, giving you a consistent style that is authentic to you.

Furthermore, you can expect these results when you work with me:

  • Exude your personal brand with style.  Get the inspiration and direction you’ve been longing for that modernizes and revitalizes [and in some cases actually discovers] your authentic personal image.
  • Attain your professional and personal goals.  The right tools and mentoring help you build your personal style and confidence, you are poised for greater successes.  Make stronger professional and social impressions.  Or, get more positive attention from a romantic interest by developing, exuding, and being consistent with your personal style.
  • Have an ideal, current wardrobe that suits your energy, strengths, personality, goals, and lifestyle.  Own and wear clothing that consistently supports your personal brand and style.  And, when you do, your wardrobe allows you to dress for any situation with ease.
  • You put your effort into looking great, not endless hours of shopping.  Managing your self-care is time consuming.  But when you engage me to manage your personal brand, you have more time to enjoy the positive effects. Ultimately, you have more time to tend to the rest of your responsibilities, and more time to enjoy your life.

Our Highest Value—To Enable You To Stand Proudly In Your Own Footprint…

…That Comes From Exuding Your True Personal Brand

All businesses have a set of beliefs and principles that guides their work. In fact, these are the values you will find guiding my practice and conduct. When clients share some or all of these same values, I do my best work for you:

  • Let the good times roll!  Relax. It’s so important to turn this into a fun experience.  When you are made to feel comfortable, you are more capable of getting into the creative spirit with me.  You may even get more from the experience than you anticipated, at least in part, because we’re having fun together.
  • Help people shine from the inside—by spiffing up their appearance.  My ultimate goal is to help people live better.  Seeing you look so well, so vibrant, and accomplishing your goals reminds me of my positive impact on your life.  It brings me such pleasure to help you discover and design your personal brand. We can shine together.
  • Overcome, don’t overcompensate.  I have deep empathy for people who struggle with their personal style, and more deeply with self-image.  After all, I am a survivor of childhood abuse and bullying.  At least for some of us, it can be a big struggle with your identity and self-image.  Fortunately and thankfully, I learned how to overcome my incredible disadvantages.  Equally important was learning not to try too hard to make up for other shortcomings.  Ultimately, I even had to figure out how to end the cycle of hiding my best authentic self. Therefore, this informs every bit of our work together.
  • Distinguish yourself as a leader by differentiating your appearance.  Silicon Valley is the kind of place where many leaders look just like the followers.  Because of this, I see that personal brand and style leadership role includes being a game changer for our community.  I take the position that we don’t have to settle for the lowest common denominator.
  • Never stop learning. Learning is one part pleasure, one part responsibility, but all joy.  I am hungry to learn by experience, either through work, or collaborating with colleagues from around the world.  Plus, I constantly travel to Paris, New York, London, and Milan to stay current with fashion’s fast-paced cycles.  I endeavor to deepen my knowledge of the times that brought us to this point. I love to study art, too.
  • Fill the vessel.  Think of the vessel metaphorically as the collective spirit, mind, and body.  I make every effort to stay positive, optimistic, energized, healthy, focused, passionate, and open-minded.  I do this so that I may receive love, freedom, equality, and of course – to do it with great style!

My Approach to Working With Clients is Summarized as…

Personal Attention, Breakthrough Interactions, and Greater Presence

When you work with me, there are some things you can expect to happen every time. They are my approach to a client engagement. If all or most of this approach makes sense to you, we will work well together:

Holistic approach.  I provide support and coaching so you develop a successful and authentic personal brand and style from the inside out.

Transformational learning.  We dedicate time to help you learn about your personal brand and style.  We set up breakthrough interactions early on.  This provides the opportunity to have fast results that you will love, and that will exceed your expectations.

Personalized attention.  As your personal brand and style develops, and our relationship evolves, you will receive regular feedback that will keep you on track.  And, with my ongoing help, you will find success in achieving your personal image development goals. Therefore, you will be able to have greater professional and social presence.

Treat you like a VIP.  With pleasure, I work to accommodate your timelines, deadlines, and schedule.

I see and treat you as an individual.  My methodology allows for total flexibility to work at your pace.  And, this ensures you receive the level of service that meets your needs.

I’m available to you and to support you.  From our initial consultation through our year of working together, you can count on my supporting you in these ways:

  • Face-to-Face Coaching: One-on-one initial cornerstone sessions [typically 8 hours for personal color and style profiling]
  • Ongoing Support: Closet curating, reviewing wardrobe updates, attending alteration appointments, hairstyling appointments, etc…
  • Remote Support: Phone, email, FaceTime and WhatsApp support
  • Material Support: For each clothing collection capsule you get a Wardrobe Photo Journal

What Makes My Business Unique

My Passions, Interests, Skills And Talents Serve to Make You More Successful

I practice personal brand consulting with total passion and commitment.  Barely 20 years old when my career began, I dressed a “who’s-who” clientele in a tony Chicago department store.  Eventually, I outgrew the selling environment.  But, I never outgrew the desire to sell people on how they could be their absolute and authentic best.  It’s intuitive, impulsive, and impassioned.

I study you like nobody’s business because it’s my business.  Each new client is a totally fresh experience, and I love to learn.  No two people are alike.  What makes you unique is what I need to learn about, honor, and celebrate with you.  That’s what we need to exude in your personal brand and style.  So, you don’t get snap judgments from me.  Instead, I provide evaluations that are well-documented, articulated, and contain thoughtful feedback.

I have nearly 30 years’ experience, and have worked with prominent individuals like you throughout my entire career.  I know what colors and clothing communicate about your personal brand and style.  Plus, I only provide tested and modern advice.  As a result, you can count on being able to look your best at all times.

My ultimate desire is to make what I am studying and observing relevant to our work.  It doesn’t matter if I’m studying fashion in Paris, or art in Florence.  Clients often rely on and trust my taste level when developing and maintaining their personal style.  No doubt, studying both culture and you is what allows me to do my finest work.

Most of all, I value you.  I honor and respect the investment of your resources, and the trust you place in me to help you.  It’s a strong reminder that, all fun aside, we have some serious work ahead and goals to attain.  Consequently, I will give you the best value by helping you make transformational and visible changes in a short timeframe.

Finally, you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me.  And, you now know my approach and philosophy of working with clients.  Next, go to the “Private Client Programs” page to learn about the specific programs I offer.