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In Silicon Valley leaders usually look just like followers. Ready to stand out from the crowd?

High-potential and top Silicon Valley executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and socialites value the power of a personal brand. When they come to work with me, they have outmoded ways of exuding who they are through their physical appearance.

The women and men I serve become more visually expressive.  I help guide them to discover — and then I design — their “container.”  The container is the way you outwardly stand in the full power of who you are from deep within. Your physical appearance is a significant element of your personal brand. When you update and maintain it, you make deeper connections to your core strengths and talents. And you connect with, and serve, others more deeply.

I help clients faced with these circumstances.  Which of these are true for you?

  • You have been coasting by with no direction or inspiration about your personal style for years, maybe even decades.  You’ve not prioritized maintaining your appearance, wardrobe, or acquiring items to stay current for a variety of reasons [finances, attending college, family obligations, etc.].  You are ready to power up your look and you’re not sure where to start.
  • Your appearance, or your “container,” could consequently be holding you back from advancing professionally, or even socially.  That you’re highly intelligent and well educated, people, including yourself, can still fail to see your full potential. You do want to have it all.  You finally realize that getting help managing certain aspects of your busy life will lead you to achieve your goals.
  • Though you think of yourself as conscientious about your personal brand, you are neglecting your personal style. Still, you know just how impactful your appearance is to your daily life activities.  You even know that it contributes to your success and role as a leader.  But it takes more time, effort, and patience than you have to create, maintain, and exude a powerful personal brand.
  • People see you as a leader.  You constantly challenge yourself to keep growing.  You know the importance of having a strong business team to help you manage that growth.  However, you lack support to help you personally.  Given your visibility, you realize that a misstep may hurt your reputation. Help managing your personal brand and style can maintain your good standing as a leader.

I don’t work with everyone.  Knowing that achieving your objectives brings you greater success, this strategic personal brand and style management program will be effective.  To be successful in working with me you:

  • Commit to improving your personal brand and style.  You set a clear goal, make it a priority to see it through, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable.
  • Have the resources to invest in updating your personal brand and style, and in other potential opportunities to improve.
  • Enjoy a trusting relationship to learn, have fun, easily ask for help, openly accept constructive feedback – and act on it.
  • Pledge to show others your authentic best self and have a strong interest in personal growth and self care.

So what do you do now?

Now you can identify with the kind of clients I work with.  You know I help them resolve their issues, and what clients need to ensure success.  The next step is to learn how I work.