If Only Clothes Told You My Complete Story

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If Only Clothes Told You My Complete Story

It’s Tuesday morning in New York’s West Village. I’m taking an early break from a planned wild day to write this week’s post. I was at a 7:00 AM networking meeting near Penn Station. It was a great meeting. After ingesting yucky oatmeal, weak coffee, meeting three dozen strangers and connecting with a few key contacts, I walked downtown. I actually have a meeting in this neighborhood at noon. In fact, today, I have five meetings scheduled. With four more to go, I’m sitting in a Starbucks window and caffeinating myself with an iced whole milk latte. Dressed the part, I’m ready for the full extent of the day. If only clothes told you my complete story…

So, 12 hours into the killer day, I paused to pose and show you that the outfit is still working! If only clothes told you my complete story, you’d see that I’m cool under pressure.

Today’s a sport coat and denim day. A little bit of up, and a little bit of down. Very au courant for New York. The sport coat is a little too much for some places in Silicon Valley. But, in San Francisco, it’d be equally as perfect as it is here. I’m essentially in head-to-toe blue, except for the black accents of my Ferragamo belt and Prada Chelsea boots. Even my Blake Kuwahara frames have a black element, accenting the greenish tone and my hazel eyes. Nothing I’m wearing is entirely ordinary because, after all, neither am I. So, if only clothes told you my complete story, today’s outfit would convey that I’m one-of-a-kind. I make it look so easy, but years of self-educating got me to this easy-peasy result.

Since I’m meeting strangers all day long, and I’m an unknown style icon, I have to paint a memorable visual. It’s kind of a daunting talk. But, as you know this about me, I’ve got this covered. If only clothes told you my complete story, you’d immediately connect with my calm confidence.

You might guess – and if you did, you’d be correct – that I intentionally, purposefully chose to wear these pieces together. The navy Givenchy sport coat has a subtle tone-on-tone camouflage weave. I love this coat because it’s quietly avant-garde. No one expects camouflage applied to a tailored sport coat. I feel like I’m quietly conquering my way into New York, showing up looking like a confident decision-maker.

Under the sport coat, I’m wearing a beautiful printed cotton shirt I picked up in Amsterdam late last year. It’s also blue, with whitish and blackish dots subtly formed into circular patterns. I love dots and circles. To me, dots signify detail-orientedness. And if you know the Virgo aspect to my persona, you know that I will kick your ass with details. In order to create balance, the repetitive and subtle circular pattern in the shirt reflect my collaborative nature. A circle has no sides. If only clothes told you my complete story, you’d sense that I’m open, easy to approach, and to talk with.

The jeans I chose to wear, made by Alberto — one of my favorite menswear pant and jeans brands — are fantastic. A couple of years ago one of my longtime New York pals, Hyela, turned me on to the brand. Ever since, I personally wear them and recommend them to clients. Today’s jeans are as comfortable as sweatpants, are as fitted as dress pants, and move with my body like leggings. I can gallivant on foot, comfortably run to catch a train, and stand and pose upon arriving at the destination. It’s the perfect jean for a man on the make in Manhattan. If only clothes told you my complete story, these jeans would never let on that today is one long-assed day!

Over the weekend, it snowed like mad here. The next day, a lot of the snow melted. On Monday, whatever hadn’t melted finally had. The streets and sidewalks accumulated puddles of snowmelt. Tired of heavy winter boots, and despite the foggy atmosphere, I decided to wear lighter boots. I feel lighter in them, and nimble, too. These sleek Pradas are among my favorites because they are so comfy and, at the same time, look very polished. If only clothes told you my complete story, these boots could telegraph that my polished look is ready for business.

As a daily eyeglass wearer, I select my frames very carefully. For this two-week trip to New York, I didn’t bring along all of my choices. But, I automatically packed up the Blake Kuwahara frames because they send crucial style messages. The mashup octagonal and circular shapes make these glasses unique and – wait for it – eye catching. I love how they highlight my hazel eyes. This suggests to onlookers, that when they look at and listen to me, they get the truth. If only clothes told you my complete story, these frames convey my interest in guiding others to see their truth.

It has taken an hour to put words to paper that explain the intent and purposefulness of today’s clothing choices. And yet, in the pre-dawn blue hour of the morning, I made these simultaneous choices in a nanosecond. Call it expertise. Even call it instinct. It really doesn’t matter. We all could have clothes that tell our complete stories. It takes time and knowledge to collect the right clothes, and still more knowledge and time to use them effectively. But, when it all comes together, you can expect to have the kind of adventurous and successful day I’m having. And, that’s the story.

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