From time to time, I hear from, or read about, people who keep a basic wardrobe to avoid decision fatigue. Despite my empathy for others, I have a hard time buying into the idea that your closet creates decision fatigue. The very notion that a basic wardrobe frees the wearer to focus on more important decisions sounds like personal avoidance.

I have to be honest in saying that it’s a stretch to conclude such a thing. Yet, I know that many people think it’s true. But, can you really know it is true? In thirty years of dressing people for every possible occasion, I know that everyone wants absolutely easy dressing experiences. If your closet creates decision fatigue, I think this comes down to three issues. Here’s a hint:  it’s really not about your closet.

The first, and maybe the best, excuse to maintain a basic wardrobe is due to a lack of mastery. If you lack time, energy, or interest in learning to create ideal outfits, you’ll opt for a basic wardrobe. However, be careful what you opt for. Every time you open that closet, instead of seeing a closet full of inspiration, everything looks safe and even boring.

When the wardrobe reflects your lack of mastery, it’s not exactly because your closet creates decision fatigue. It’s really because your closet is a reflection of fatigue itself. If you can’t make a few quick choices about how you show up, it could suggest about other challenges. It is not a good strategy to appear exhausted or apathetic. A basic wardrobe suggests just that. It might sound like quite a leap between the outer expressing the inner. But, this is the heart and soul reason to develop a personal style.

If you still think your closet creates decision fatigue, it could be due to a lack of self-confidence. This is a tough one to deal with. Whereas a lack of mastery is relatively easier to overcome, because you can learn that skill, self-confidence is different. Whether others think you lack powers and abilities, or you feel that way about yourself, developing self-confidence takes work.

Rather than lapsing into exhibiting decision fatigue, I like using clothes to transform from lacking confidence to owning it. It takes real effort to overcome lacking self-confidence. Yet, an amazing thing happens by shifting the paradigm from an inward focus to an external focus. As soon as you visualize the potential of a better outer self, a shift takes place on the inside. It’s as easy as the adage that seeing is believing.

Whether you think your closet creates decision fatigue because of a lack of mastery or self-confidence, there is a fix. Willpower. If you want to grow as a person, it always comes down to willpower. Without the energetic determination to improve in any area of life, nothing really happens. Willpower is the opposite of impulsive behavior. Willpower is intentional whereas impulsive behavior lacks of self-control.

Transforming the way you approach your closet and wardrobe requires some initial work, for sure. But, then, once you start, it’s easy to build momentum. Stuff in the closet that could create decision fatigue are the items that don’t stimulate your energy to begin with. Outdated stuff, stuff that goes with nothing else, stuff that doesn’t fit or flatter, and stuff that just isn’t you. With those piceces gone, you begin to see into your closet with greater clarity. It feels good to eliminate that kind of stuff. And, it builds that momentum to carry on.

With that kind of momentum established, judiciously adding fresh pieces to the wardrobe helps to further your outer-inner work. Moving closer to looking like the person you envision yourself to be, the more your mindset shifts and grows. Then, your confidence rises, your mastery of getting the most of your wardrobe is in sight. It may take time to get there. But, with patience, determined energy, and growing self-confidence, mastery of your wardrobe is within your reach.

If you thought that your closet creates decision fatigue, can you see that it’s really not about that at all? Everyone wants the act of dressing to be easy, but it’s also an art. It’s a personal triumph to look confident, strong, capable, and competent. Your life will even change.