The Matternorn, in all of its powerful glory, as seen from the Swiss village of Zermatt. This symbol of Switzerland has become my personal symbol of inspiration to live fully. What symbol inspires you to live fully?

Happy 2017!  It’s so good to be back home from the winter holidays.  It’s a New Year and I’m pumped to work hard and smart for my clients this year, as always.  Regularly, my role is to be in the position of helping others be at their best.  As a result, I find it super important to find time and ways of taking care of myself so that I have the energy and clarity to support others.  Like the flight attendants instruct, “place your oxygen mask over your nose and mouth before helping others.”  They’re right.  This time away has had me wondering what inspires you to live fully.

Since living your best life is what I intend to inspire and encourage, I naturally think about what inspires you to live fully.  Thinking about what drives you is actually really important to me as a personal style strategist.  Can you imagine showing up in the world looking disconnected from that which drives you? For sure, it creates a barrier to living your best life. It regularly happens.  But, it doesn’t have to.

While in Switzerland over three weeks, I certainly found some fresh inspiration that inspires me to live my life fully.  In the spirit of inspiring and encouraging you to live life fully, I’m going to share my story with you.

From my gondola, and at high elevation, I snapped this photo of the iconic Matterhorn.

Taking a series of gondolas to the top of the Klein Matterhorn to see the Matterhorn on my own, helped me to also conquer physical fears.

Would the gondola fall out of the track? What about my fear of heights?

All in all, nothing happened except for one experience: becoming more free!

One day, I took a trip from Zürich to the resort village of Zermatt.  The reason I went was to see the ultimate symbol and pride of Switzerland: the Matterhorn.

Then it hit me like [sorry for the bad pun] an avalanche.  The Matterhorn immediately came into visual focus and its sheer awesomeness inspired me to live life fully in 2017.  So, why on Earth would the Matterhorn have such an impact on me? And how would this come to impact my sense of personal style?

Let me further explain this to you in the hopes that my story inspires you to live fully.

The Matterhorn.  It’s amazing, even though it’s not Switzerland’s biggest or tallest mountain.  It’s iconic in its own right.  It doesn’t have to be the biggest.  It’s simply the best.  It’s the mountain that people prefer to romanticize and have spiritual feeling about.  Most everyone is too inexperienced to handle the challenge the Matterhorn presents as a mountain to climb.  In other words, it’s wonderful to admire, but not meant for everyone to conquer.  If you climb and reach the top, you reach some rare air.  I feel inspired by the Matterhorn for its symbolism and mysticism.

Nothing I did to prepare to see the Matterhorn up close and personal prepared me for the reality.

It’s hard to say how it happened. But, seeing it in person, the Matterhorn, in an instant, became the thing that symbolizes how I’d like to live fully?

What inspires you to live fully?

This translates into my desire to be strong, yet soft.  Based on various movements in my life, I want to be strong enough to be defiant when necessary.  But, I also want to be open and welcoming.  Surely, I won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay.  But for those who are brave enough to step into the space where I am, I want to present a welcome challenge.

The mindset, goals, and especially the dreams, of what I want to experience and become, are driven by this vision.  This all speaks power to the truth of who I am and how I will show up so that I travel through life being the best me that I’ve ever been. It’s my right and responsibility.

You, too, can find inspiration in the everyday, in the sublime, in your real travels, and in your dreams.  Even the most driven and successful people I’ve ever worked with have dreams of what they want to become in life.  One piece of inspiration can so easily trigger what inspires you to live fully.  By talking about it with me, we can devise a strategy that will absolutely help you get there.  The way you show up in the world helps you to move through the world.

We are in this together with our independent lives.  We’re alive.  We aren’t done.  We dream, looking forward into the future, while being in the present, loving who we are in the moment.

What symbol represents and inspires you to live fully?

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