People regularly wonder what it’s like to work with an image consultant, and specifically to work with me.  While the appeal is strong for many, I conclude that without seeing that you are worth it, you’ll not ever experience the opportunity.

Last week, a woman eyed me while I was shopping for a client in San Francisco at Bloomingdale’s.  I was coordinating items in the store with a number of other items that were already selected and also photographed and loaded onto my trusty iPad.  I also had my client’s color palette in hand as well as I made my way through the department.  The woman perked up and asked if I happened to be a personal shopper.  “No,” I replied and went on to explain how I help clients develop and manage their image and wardrobe, to which she replied, “Well, that’s quite a luxury.”

In the meantime, she also told me how her closet rod full of clothes had fallen down and was dreading putting it back up and reorganizing all of her clothes, and that she doesn’t even like to shop that much.  She asked for my card.  It seems that she could really benefit from working with me to help her get better organized and to refine her wardrobe so that she has the best clothes for her lifestyle, and that it’s not such a luxury after all.

So is working with an image consultant really a luxury?  Better to ask the client I was shopping for if working with me is such a “luxury.”  I guarantee she would say, “No,” because she could not have put together an entirely new wardrobe in a week.

Some weeks back I met with a prospective client who lost a significant amount of weight and needed to shop for a new wardrobe that would fit his new physique.  We met in my studio, discussed his needs, goals, and how I could help him achieve them.  We talked about the need to create a wardrobe from the inside out, so it not only fit his body, but also his mindset.  Authenticity is crucial in the work we do.  Weeks went by without hearing from him.  When he did contact me again, it was to say he’s still considering working with me.  I don’t push people to work with me because I can’t force people to see their own self-worth.  We are not yet working together.

It’s ironic because my goal and purpose is to help clients become more of themselves: aware, assured, and confident – actually whatever aligns with their goals.  Even the most outwardly happy and successful clients want the same outcome as those who are up-and-coming either in business or socially.

I’m totally dedicated to my clients and their victories are our mutual successes.  Just the other day a client told me in an email that she realizes how grateful she is for my services.  And the reason we’re working together is not only because the investment is affordable [an important consideration], but also because she knows she’s worth it.

Another client, whose closet I was “curating,” told me before the second session even started that she had been feeling so great about herself and achieving her goals since the first session.  She called this new surge of good internal vibes “the Joseph Effect.”  It’s a humbling compliment, but she’s tapping into her self-worth through our work.  Though she delayed starting to work with me for a few months, it’s really paying off for her now with a healthier self-image that’s propelling her to reach other personal goals.

How long it takes to get the courage to take that first step, or to continue your journey, really comes down to seeing that you are worth working on your self-image.  Investing in your image is as important as the investment you made in your education.  Intelligence may also be a quality others find attractive in personal relationships, yet it is an invisible trait.

There are countless stories I could share about clients’ experiences in working with me, each as unique as the individual clients.  But after 10 years of working with private clients, I know that those who have experienced total transformation went through an entire program because they each knew that they were worth it.  Are you?

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