If you’ve read my first three blog posts of 2010 you might have noticed an absence of the word “resolution.”  That is until now.  Why?  Because I don’t believe in them.  They really serve no purpose.

As Erica Jong wrote in the poem Autumn Perspective:

Now we plan, postponing, pushing our lives forward

into the future—as if, when the room

contains us and all our treasured junk

we will have filled whatever gap it is

that makes us wander, discontented

from ourselves.

Let me just say how much I love Erica Jong.  But the point is how right she is about putting stuff off.  This passage of poetry is all about the failed promises of resolutions.  Studies indicate that people who make resolutions to overcome personal challenges are usually unable to achieve success.   The excessive hype built into people’s resolutions only contributes to their lack of success.

If the point is to improve your personal image through personal style development, or by other means, and you keep putting it off – “postponing, pushing your life forward into the future” – you are creating a “gap” between who you are and whom you know you ought to be.

Take dieting for instance.  Imagine needing to lose a few pounds and doing nothing about it for some time.  We’d consider this “letting yourself go.”  Now think about the feeling of taking control of the situation by making a point of doing something to lose weight.  Great effort.  The weight comes off.  What do you do next?  Do you revert back to old behavior or do you continue with the healthy behavior that helped you reach your goal?  If you only made a resolution to get down to a certain weight, chances are your weight will go up because you wouldn’t have intended to make permanent change to not just your physique, but to your lifestyle.

This is why I so strongly support your personal and professional goals during the process of our working together as your image consultant and why we put so much attention on them.

So don’t hem and haw about when you’ll finally undertake the process.  It’s time to see and know your authentic self and style.  Quit planning resolutions and just do it – or before you know it, it’ll be autumn.

Designing and managing your image is the secret science of your success.

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