Two secret keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing are color and style. Personal color and style relate your personality and goals to reveal your key personal style elements. If you’re not careful, your style could race along too fast or too slow for the true pulse of your personality. Without having a language for understanding these two secret keys, you have clothes and a look with no context. Designing your new image deserves this level of of thoughtful study and inquiry.

Two Secret Keys to Unlocking the Mystery of Dressing: Color and StyleHere’s an example. I thought about the two secret keys elements of unlocking the mystery of dressing for a particular client’s personal style. She really struggled with the image development process. The client properly completed her personal style profile self-assessment, and I had evaluated it accurately. But, the results came as a bit of a shock to her.

During a couple of powerful meetings we examined the personal style elements that form her updated and authentic personal style. By the end of the second session, she got totally clear and fully connected with her authentic personal style.

These two secret keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing,  color and style, reveal who you are. One element is the spectrum of colors that you should wear and what they say about your essence. The second is the range of styles that help you to personify your character strengths. These keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing must also match to your goals and lifestyle. When the key elements of personal style and color converge properly, your personal image flows freely.

The key elements of color and personal style are fully realized for a specific client as seen with this example.

Reflecting on why my client struggled with the swift changes to her personal image, I totally understand what happened.

We worked on a very tight two-week deadline so that she could travel with her new wardrobe. We first had to custom create the secret keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing that would support her.  Next, now that we decoded her unique blend of personal color and style, we evaluated and curate her existing clothes. Then, I had to develop a new wardrobe in time for her first of several travel events.

Why was she resisting some of this? She had the clothes she wanted. But I realized that what she didn’t yet have was a framework for what the clothes convey. She didn’t have the language yet. In order to meet the tight deadline, I skipped over this crucial step. I knew we would to come back to this once the time crunch had passed. So, this bump in the road proves the importance of understanding what the clothes actually say, and what they mean.

Two Secret Keys to Unlocking the Mystery of Dressing: Color and Style

The same client had need of several more up-level outfits for dancing events during her transatlantic travels. Without the key elements of color and personal style, this selection would just be a group of clothes. But because of the context provided by studying her best colors and true style, these clothes serve special purpose and have deeper meaning and resonance.

Why are the two secret keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing rooted so deeply in language? If personal color and style are visible to the naked eye, why would language even matter?

Without language and vocabulary to offer any context for the wardrobe you have, it’s just a closet full of clothes. So, it is no wonder that, while her experience of reviewing her wardrobe was incredibly accurate, it was totally unsettling.

Did I get the right things for my lifestyle, for my work style, for how I see myself going forward? Did I invest in the right items?

Questioning decisions as part of the highly evaluative image development process is totally normal. But if the context is lacking, that fast transformation could move faster than the mind has time to adjust. That’s the funny thing about holding those two secret keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing. The moment you use those keys, they immediately unlock the door to transformation. You immediately move into a new environment.

Sometimes, life is not as linear as we might prefer. When we have a desire to make our lives better, we have to work on doing that while continuing to live. We don’t get to put life on hold to work on improving our lives. This client’s experience sure reminded me of how true this is, and just how special my process is. Unlocking the mystery of dressing works best when followed step-by-step. But, it still works out well enough when we add the layer of language and context. Despite the time constraints that briefly threw her for a loop, this client’s experience serves as a great example.

As long as you understand the power of the key elements of personal color and style – and the supporting language of these key elements and of the clothes – you will be in total control of  your image.

Decode the two secret keys to unlocking the mystery of dressing by connecting to the power of your very own  color and style with my True Colors Experience.