That’s right.  You can literally drop pounds instantly by just getting your clothing tailored.  A great secret of tailoring is that it can seem to help you lose weight without dropping a pound.  If you look more full-bodied in your clothes, it may be because of your how your clothes fit. When your clothes visually add pounds to your appearance, you are experiencing a situation I refer to as visual bulk.  Visual bulk can weigh down how you look, adversely affecting non-verbal communication, including your appearance, posture, and body language.

Next time you pass in front of a mirror, stop and take a good look at yourself.  Instead of checking out your hair, take the time to evaluate just how your clothes drape on your body.

As you look at yourself, envision a circle around your body that represents how much space your body takes up.  Clothes that add visual bulk add to the circle’s circumference, giving the appearance that you are heavier than you are.

Everyone has his or her own path and priorities toward seeing a healthy self-image. Whether or not you’re into physical fitness and healthy nutrition is one matter.  I believe wearing clothing that fits the body you have is very important.  It helps you feel better to respect your body.  Also, seeing a healthy, positive image encourages healthy nutritional and fitness behaviors.  Envision how great it feels to see how good you look in clothes that fit well. Then, imagine the positive impressions it sends to those who observe you looking so great!

So, how can you reduce your visual bulk so you are not a hulk? Here are some ideas:


Tuck in your shirts. When your untucked shirts tend to flair away from the body they make your body look fuller than it is.  Whether your body shape is concave or convex, a tucked in shirt makes your body look fit. I never understand why men leave their shirts untucked. Especially those who work out a lot hide their bodies under these tent-like shirts.  It does not look confident at all.

Shorten your sleeves. When your sleeves are at your side and they seem excessively long, you may want to consider adjusting the length.  If they are too long, they also can add to the visual bulk.  Sounds like a small thing, but shortening sleeves to the proper length can effectively shed pounds from how you look.


Adjust your sleeve length.  Adjust the sleeve length of shirts and knits to not end at the widest place on your body.  It takes a good eye to see this, and a good seamstress to make alterations to knitwear. But, the result is well worth the effort.

Men and Women – More Tips to Lose Weight Without Dropping a Pound

Shorten your shirts. If you’re shorter, you might find it challenging to tuck lots of shirt fabric into your pants and jeans.  This excessive fabric creates bulk around areas of the body that should not be lumpy, for obvious reasons.  When your shirt is shortened it’s easier to tuck in and you look better.

Fit jackets and shirts to your body.
It is amazing how fuller cut shirts and jackets will make your body appear larger than it really is.  As needed, appropriately taper a shirt to your body. Also, evaluating the fit of your jackets can make a similarly impressive difference to your body’s shape in clothes.  Separately, check out how the shoulders of your jackets fit.  While padding in the shoulders might be necessary to even out unbalanced shoulders, too much adds unnatural looking visual bulk.

Wear the right trousers. Usually the concern is making sure trousers, and even jeans, fit the waist area properly.  But what’s also important is to be certain that they be flattering down the length of your legs. Unnecessarily wide pant legs can appear out of proportion to the rest of you. Wearing trousers like this also creates visual bulk, making you appear squat instead of looking strong and maximizing your height.

How are you going to lose the bulk? You really can lose weight without dropping a pound. The secret of tailoring can help you a lot.