Ties are available in all sorts of colors, patterns, textures, and motifs. These are some spring 2009 neckwear trends I thought would be fun to share.

Think Pink
[Pictured: Armani dress shirt
Armani, XMI, Etro neckwear
Carrot & Gibbs bowtie]

Lavender Liaisons
[Pictured: Canali shirt
Robert Talbott Seven Fold, David Donahue, Canali neckwear]

“Teal Totaling”
[Pictured: Canali shirt
Robert Talbott Seven Fold, XMI, Canali neckwear]

Earth & Sky
[Pictured: Canali shirt
Robert Talbott, Robert Talbott Seven Fold, Etro neckwear]

The Total Spring 2009 Trend Package
[Dress shirts and ties available at Nordstrom]

A tie is a tailored man’s signature piece of apparel. If you are suiting up for your workweek, for a job interview, or for a special social occasion, the ties you select to complete the ensembles make much more of a statement than the suits you select.

The tie is more important than the suit
If an average person were given the opportunity to observe several men wearing various navy suits, she or he would not easily distinguish one suit’s unique qualities from another. Ask a well-to-do gentleman his reason for purchasing a featherweight, handmade garment. It won’t be because he intends to impress as much as he desires comfort. Otherwise, style is subjective based on the tastes and budget of the wearer. A savvy retail sales professional is good at pairing the appropriate suit to his customer. Theoretically, so long as the navy suit fits well, it doesn’t really matter if the maker is Kiton or DKNY to the average onlooker. The label is on the inside anyway.

The modern day tie is the piece of clothing that provides insight about its wearer.

Consider your characteristics
When selecting neckwear for yourself, consider your personality and personal coloring so the ties provide insight about their wearer. But selecting neckwear that also coordinates to your tailored clothing and dress shirt raises the bar of your selection expertise. Sharp retail sales professionals have honed their skills to make selecting and coordinating neckwear an impressive art form. This is how and where I developed the creative ability to select killer combinations that at once complimented my clients’ physical characteristics and their clothing preferences.

Consider your intended message
Then there is the matter of expressing the messages your neckwear conveys to onlookers through color, texture, and pattern. What attitudes or emotions do you wish to convey to your audience? And what actions or results do you desire, demand, or expect as a result of meeting with this audience? A well-chosen tie may act like a window into your psyche, providing such great information before you utter a word and be the last word of your message and lingering impression once your meeting has concluded.

Designing and managing your image is the secret science of your success.

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