Many people come to New York hoping to take a bite of the Big Apple. Not me. I’m planting an apple tree by expanding my personal styling business to New York. No one styles people quite the way I do. It’s time to share my expertise with discerning individuals in New York City.

I’m Joseph Rosenfeld, a life-changer of sorts, with nearly thirty years’ experience as a personal brand and style strategy expert. After all these years of practice, you benefit from my lightning fast approach.

Over these three decades, I have created a world-class methodology for styling people. It’s about much more than your physical body. In fact, this is about the psychology of style. My holistic and radical approach translates your personality and skill strengths into a style based on your singular individuality.

If you desire to change your life for the better, developing your personal style with my expertise will yield results. In essence, how you look ought to reflect the way you sound, and the way you are. So, by activating qualities that need focus and attention, your life gains momentum and will change.

Long-time clients include top Silicon Valley executives, entrepreneurs, socialites, and their teenaged children. They refer to me as their best kept secret. Maybe, I can be yours, too.

This is a sample of clients’ transformations where personal style played a significant role:

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Their lives will never be the same. Yours, very likely, and in only a few hours’ time, will also radically shift.

We begin with a deep dive session to uncover your personality strengths and the colors that best represent your energy. Once completed, it’s your option to go even deeper with a closet review. Then, it’s on to building your life-changing wardrobe.

So, our deep dive session frees you to get back to your life. Also, it releases me to pull together a group of clothing and accessories for you to discretely review. Leave the hard stuff to me. I make it easy for you. In not much time at all, you will look like the very best version of you.

Now that I’m in New York very regularly, and for all the right reasons, it’s time to plant roots. It’s exciting to offer my discrete expert service in New York and to enhance your life beyond your expectations.

Interested in learning more? Drop me a note at or call me at 408.550.5335. I look forward to speaking with you!