On-Going Image Consultant Programs

As we are fully dedicated to our long-term and loyal clients, we offer several “On-Going” Image Consultant Programs on an ad-hoc basis. Now our clients can receive even more stylist strategies, just when you need it. These Image Consultant Programs and coaching experiences are for existing Rosenfeld’s clients.

Life altering events – such as work and career, or personal lifestyle changes – happen when you least expect them. Because big shifts take place under the public eye, they tend to come with added pressure that no one wants. So, it is all the more important to send the right message by looking your best. This can only help to look on-point. Above all, the right outfit can contain all of your energy, and give you inner focus and confidence. Dressed this way, you can take on any situation with ease, even the ones you could not have seen coming.

Personal Style Is About Setting Intentions & Taking Actions

Moreover, these stylist strategies are specifically created for unexpected moments, that can take you by surprise. For that reason, it is not always possible to be prepared and why these Image Consultant Programs are offered. However, it is in your best interest to arrive looking on-point and to avoid appearing caught off guard by the moment. Certainly, this is why receiving emergency stylists strategies about your personal style helps you to show up at your best. No one needs to know that you even had a fashion emergency. It’s our secret.

When an unexpected opportunity or event arises, and you need to be your best self, have your personal stylist on speed dial. As an ongoing client, consider one of our On-Going Image Consultant Programs.

For example, our exclusive travel fashion experiences abroad, or dedicated service for these types of events:

  • Presenting to the board of directors or new investors
  • Making the best entrance and impression for the party of the year
  • Land that new dream job or job interview
  • TV or media appearances
  • Red-carpet event
  • Receiving a prestigious award within your industry or community
  • First day of that new promotion
  • Meeting a head-of-state, or other high-ranking political figures
  • Appearances in court or presentations to Congress
  • Representing your corporation or organization
  • An unexpected trip
  • Or, a periodic refresh or organize fresh outfits from your wardrobe
Ongoing Stylist Strategies
Image consultant and coaching experience for Rosenfeld’s clients.