On-Going Strategizing With Joseph

On-Going Strategizing With Joseph2018-08-20T13:53:25+00:00

For current clients, additional consultation and coaching experiences are available on an ad-hoc bases. Life altering events happen when you least expect them, whether for work, career or personal life-style changes. Sending the right message and looking your personal best is crucial for being on-point. Presenting yourself for different events in or out of your usual professional or personal sphere of influence need council and coaching to best prepare for those big events that come up throughout the year–where you need to be at your best! Consider contacting us for exclusive tailored travel fashion experiences abroad or any of these events below:

  • Making A Presentation to The Board of Directors or New Investors

  • Being on Point for The Party of The Year

  • Land That New Dream Job or Job Interview

  • TV Or Media Appearances

  • A Red-Carpet Event

  • Receiving A Prestigious Award Within Your Industry or Community

  • Your First Day of That New Promotion

  • Meeting A Head-Of-State, or Other High Ranking Political Figures

  • Appearances in Court or Presentations to the Senate

  • Representing Your Corporation or Organization

  • An Unexpected Trip

  • Or, A Periodic Refresh or Organize Fresh Outfits from Your Wardrobe