Before working with Joseph, no one would describe me as someone with a pronounced sense of style or ‘fashion sense’. I shopped at popular stores such as Macy’s or the Gap and usually selected items that seemed appropriate or comfortable. But much deliberation beyond a casual glance at some current trends.

Client Color Palette

As I started to go on more acting calls, I really began to notice that some people just stood out. Not only because they looked ‘hip, cool, or trendy’ but that their brand presence and persona seemed to lift their confidence and helped them ‘own the room’ when they entered. At the same time, I was starting a new job. All of which inspired me to research how I could be ‘that person’ who stands out from the crowd. This ultimately led me to my first conversation with Joseph Rosenfeld.

We started working on creating my personal style profile. And soon I realized it was about much more than following current trends. Joseph took the time to really get to know me, and my personal goals. And together, we developed a plan to achieve them. He encouraged me to expand my color palette and try a range of new styles. The goal was to highlight who I truly am, and to set the stage for capturing attention to help me become the brand I aspire to have.

Taking these important steps quickly showed me that people were  noticing the new and real me! I found myself receiving regular compliments about my style, my hair, glasses, etc. I knew hiring a style consultant would improve my look but working with Joseph completely exceeded my expectations. Everyone in my personal and professional circles has taken notice and responded so well to the ‘new’ me which increased my confidence greatly.

owning a room in style

Client Wardrobe Capsule

I’ve been working with Joseph since November 2013, and continue to rely on his advice and wisdom in making the right choices for my brand. My most significant memory was when I needed his help for a formal event last Christmas. He chose the most spectacular suit that allowed me to make a ‘red carpet’ entrance to the party where I truly felt like ‘all eyes’ were on me!

It’s a great feeling to know I have true partner who understands my goals and takes the time to ensure all the details of my personal brand and style are always in place.

~ Technologist & Aspiring Actor, Silicon Valley, CA