It’s no wonder people have no time or patience to look through racks and racks of clothes, store after store trying to make style choices. People have absolutely no idea what looks good on them. My friend and colleague Amy recently visited New York City. We took a dutiful field trip to the new Shops at Hudson Yards in Chelsea. While there, I enjoyed observing her looking at clothing in a luxe boutique. Impulsively, I blurted out something that she found a profound statement. I said that people looking through all of these racks of clothing are trying to find themselves. She stopped looking, turned directly to me, and repeated that statement.

Finding ideal garments while shopping goes towards resolving the problem that people have absolutely no idea what looks good on them. This is because finding a unique individual style is often a struggle. Even though we look to external sources for inspiration, we don’t often know how to interpret whether what we’re looking at is really your personal style. This is why people have absolutely no idea what looks good on them. Many who struggle with self-identity have a hard time finding themselves among racks of clothing and accessories. Even more, most people do not have the knowledge or skills to translate their personality into an actual personal style.

Making The Right Style Choices

Not even the resources of affluent and high net worth individuals are valuable enough to make the right style choices. They may certainly have the wherewithal to buy more. But, buying more does not mean that they necessarily own their style. They just own inventory by bringing home too much of the store. Their closets become extensions of their favorite retail establishments. Then, when people hire me, I strive to make sense of their behaviors, struggles, and results, before turning it around. My method finds your unique, personal style to express it in life-changing ways.

When Amy and I dashed through Hudson Yards and to the Meatpacking area, we both found winners for our wardrobes. When you know your style – literally inside and out – you can discover the most amazing and expressive clothing. I quickly spun through a section of menswear at Jeffrey in the Meatpacking District and my eyes lit up at the sight of a jacket. Before even seeing myself in a mirror wearing the jacket, I could feel myself light up from within. The moment I tried it on, all I can say is that I came alive. Then, I turned to Amy and we had an electrifying WOWEE moment that expressed one of my most favorite phrases. It’s music to my ears when a client says: This is so me! Needless to say, I acquired the jacket.

The Secret Science Of Personal Style.

How could this moment have been so easy and fulfilling and that you could experience this euphoric feeling, too? Although it is true that often people have absolutely no idea what looks good on them, you could experience otherwise. Of course, how something fits on the body matters a lot. I knew that this piece I discovered would fit, knowing that I would need a tailor to alter it. So, it’s not really about the way something physically fits. It’s the way it feels. And not in the hands or on the body. The way something feels in your eyes is the most uplifting spirit moment you can experience when eyeing something new. This is also how that exact feeling remains with you as you continue to enjoy that particular garment or accessory.

So, to get that uplifting spirit feeling, you have to know yourself and how an item activates this sensory experience. This is the secret science of personal style. By knowing your personal style, this moment that seems ephemeral actually stays with you every time you enjoy each piece. It is the hardest thing to explain to someone. But, in my presence, I have seen people’s eyes widen, and people stomp giddily like an excited and overjoyed kid. This feeling happens over and over again by knowing what activates your personal style. No one ever tires of that euphoric and happy feeling where what you wear matches your total spirit.

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