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You know that the way you see yourself can differ from the way others do. And while it’s important to have clarity about who you are, it’s also important to see others’ perspectives. Most likely, you’ve surveyed people around you at work to get feedback about your leadership abilities. But, those surveys are nearly always tied to your compensation. So, what if you could get honest feedback that orients your professional and personal growth track with no negative financial impact? What value could that feedback provide you? Bridging that gap between how you see yourself and how others do is a key to deepening your leadership abilities.

Personal Brand Development

Assessing your reputation and personal brand allows you to test, learn, and experiment how to best inspire and reach others. Illuminating you to your own blind spots can help you to fully harness your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and thrive. To walk the path of becoming a better version of yourself, studying your personal brand points you to that path.

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People aspire to comfort. Successful people live in it.


Building Executive Presence

As a leader, your goal is likely to bring out the best in people. So, it becomes terribly important to lead by example. Understanding your personal brand, and appearing to look like a leader, are not all you need to lead and inspire. Executive presence is the final piece that encourages mutual respect and effective communication. Imagine what you can accomplish by following a framework of concepts organized to help you be the best possible leader. Even better, imagine having a wardrobe that can communicate confidence and inspire those around you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal brand exploration? 

Personal brand exploration assesses your strengths and opportunities to help you succeed. This is ideal if you are a leader or high potential who seeks advancement or to enhance your reputation. To improve your visibility and opportunities, leverage your strengths and leadership attributes.  

Why focus on appearance? 

Appearance is the prism through which onlookers perceive whether you are confident. When you wear clothes that are on-point to your personality and lifestyle, you feel and look good. You give yourself the gift of outer confidence. Others pick up on that and it makes you relatable, interesting, and attractive. The right clothes can also help you to focus and improve cognitive ability.  

What is the first step in brand exploration? 

The best way to begin is to envision your desired outcomes and discuss them. Having an eye on the prize helps to guide you toward attaining your objectives. This can include professional and personal objectives that you target. From this point, you are ready to begin the journey. 

What qualities does someone with executive presence have?  

Individuals with executive presence are usually leaders, or are destined to become leaders. They control their emotions, act instead of react, and remain calm and confident. They are sensitive to others, and approach relationships with respect and open communication.

Can I learn to have an executive presence?

An executive presence consultant helps you explore your personal brand, image, and style. When you do this, you align your look with your behavior and communication. By building your ‘it-factor’ with this holistic approach, you prove what you are capable and prepared to do. When you look like the way you sound when you say what you say, you make it easy for people to engage with you. People get a sense that you are the real deal, that you are there to serve them with your presence. And your behavior and demeanor sets the tone for successful interactions. 

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