From the moment you walk into a deposition or a courtroom, the environment takes on a different air. Your awesome presence fills the room with confidence and gravitas. You are there to serve the best interest of your client – and it shows. 

Although most have not been privy to how much work behind the scenes has led to this moment, everyone can tell that you’re prepared. 

They can tell because of one thing: your presence. 

Confident appearance? Check. 

Engaging behavior? Check. 

Well-chosen clothes? Check.

The bailiff calls the proceeding to order; the theatrics begin, and you are in it to win it.

Winning is the aim of all lawyers. Yet, top lawyers know something that most others do not – they know that attire that wins is the required key for mastering quality presence in and out of the courtroom. It helps them minimize litigation costs, and resolve disputes quickly, successfully and without facing a lengthy trial. 

Courtroom attire and quality presence create gravitas. Without it, even the best trial preparation remains as uninteresting as the courtroom feels. It is all too easy to slip into bland land. 

This is why help is available to protect your efforts when so much else is at stake, both for your client and for you.

So, What Does A Lawyer Wear to Court?

You may feel that as long as you show up to court dressed like other lawyers do, that’s good enough. But there is a precise formula that helps you exude your strengths through style and achieve respect through quality presence. You can do better than blend in with other lawyers, especially the opposition.

When you dress the part, feel comfortable, and appear confident, you look like the attorney with the winning argument. You demonstrate that you have done the work by showing up prepared to win.

To ensure that you are fully prepared for trial activities, be sure to include a wardrobe strategy that brings your inner qualities to the surface. A confident look makes an impression that enhances your pre-trial and trial performance.

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The Power of Executive Presence

Gravitas, the outer expression of your personal style, and your personal image come together to form your executive presence. You can achieve this by exuding charisma, incisiveness, composure, confidence, relatability, and credibility.

Knowing your personal style helps you access your strengths and elevate your professional game. And, you will feel better about yourself and the work you do when you are at ease and focus on the people you impact. 

In a win-or-lose situation – as it is in the courtroom – never underestimate the power of your executive presence. Learn how to tap into yours now.

The Influence of Color and Style in the Courtroom

Preparations for depositions, hearings, and trials can be tedious and time-consuming. Yet, there is no room for error with so much at stake. The image you project wields tremendous influence on how well these proceedings go. With the right focus, commanding the right attention at the pre-trial may be all you need to reach a settlement and avoid trial preparations altogether. Here is why this is a bigger deal than you may realize:

When how you show up is on-point, onlookers may not notice anything out of the ordinary. This is a very good thing. But, if how you look does not sync with what you say and how you say it, this is not good.

The right clothing styles and colors make your case in proceedings more compelling. Most people underestimate the power of image. This is what leads to a host of unnecessary issues, like people doubting or not believing what they hear. Why take chances creating cognitive dissonance among the jurors, judge, and others in the courtroom audience?

Personalize your role in life and in your career as you learn about your color DNA and how color psychology can enrich your strengths. Both are tools that will benefit you in the courtroom and in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal style is the way you express and exude your personality through your attire. Usually, people think that taste in clothing determines personal style. But, the only quality this reveals has to do with taste, which is a secondary determinant of personal style. The key to personal style is to translate the essence of your personality into optimal clothing selections. This reflects the right fit for your comfort level, and the appropriate fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns. These elements serve as reflections of your personality. Without you saying a word, you lead onlookers to have a favorable and correct impression of you. This is the secret power of personal style.

An image consultation consists of a holistic study of who you are, both inside and out. The outer parts relate to physicalities such as personal coloring and body proportion. The inner parts are driven by personality and goals, focused on how you want to develop as a whole person. The outcome of the study connects the outer expression of self with your inner core being. This can be a transformational experience for some. For others, it can make all the gears connect in ways you might have been trying, but without success.

Inner confidence is a wonderful gift to give yourself. It is also important that others see that you are confident. How you feel about yourself may not match what others see. Since no one else can know how you feel about yourself, others look for visual signs of your confidence. An outside, unbiased point of view can take you to new heights you may never have envisioned possible.